13 May 2011

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2 May

Today's news is that Osama is dead. Well it's sort of 10 year old news, but there you go. Supposedly one of the very mind controlled special forces shot him in the head, although given the notorious nature of the invading forces' willingness to kill someone then play dress up afterwards, who knows it may have been a woman who they drew a beard on with marker pen. Photo looks 'shopped but what do I know. Then again corpses just like your TV dinner keep very well in the freezer...lol...


Anyway I'm off to get kidney dialysis using only sand and donkey piss while being hunted by all the satellites and spy planes that a trillion dollar military budget can buy, for ten years. Ciao

PS does this mean the war on terror is over now and 'we' can come home and dismantle the police state and not have RFID passports and iris scans and creepy wiretaps anymore? (Comptroller says no)

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Communism and Socialism DO Work

Particularly with communism, and more generally with all forms of collectivist thought, there is one excuse for why this ideology has always led to catastrophe: 'it's never been done properly before'. That is the standard line for any Marxist wannabe class warfarist who still thinks Communism 'could work'.

Well, I am writing this to say that Communism and Socialism HAVE worked, pretty much every time they've been 'tried'.

(We all know the American-based 'international bankers' funded Hitler. But, did you know the same people backed the Russian Revolution? Perhaps the differences between socialism and fascism are arbitrary, and don't matter to the bankers - either way they get control, right?)

The state becomes all-powerful. Secret Police fill their quotas of arrests and excecutions. The central bank (it's in the Commie Manifesto to have one, don't you know?) plunders the wealth of the people by inflation of the money supply. Controls of the market lead to all sorts of problems, including shortages; people are reduced to abject poverty. In the name of egalitarianism and economic equality, the whole populace is reduced to living as the very poorest did beforehand.

There is also created a handful of wealthy oligarchs lording over this mass of peasants who have lost everything. Free from any market competition since the middle classes have been destroyed. Free from any kind of legal accountability because they own the system of trade control, they own the state itself, because they bought it off with money printed by their central bank, which essentially constitutes a flat tax on everyone else.

Ironically, this pyramidal controlling wealth structure is the very thing collectivists say is caused by capitalism, and which they say they are trying to avoid.

Communism and Socialism DO work, but not like the average lefty would believe; because while an idealist sees 'economic justice' in Socialism, the bankers who know better see an opportunity to reinstate medieval-style feudalism. And yet, it's libertarians (eg Ron Paul) that are considered as the regressive force in politics! Nope, socialists and 'progressives' truly are - even if they don't know it. They unwittingly support a return to the Dark Ages.

(Monument to Communism in Prague, Czech Republic.)

If you believe capitalism naturally concentrates wealth in a few hands, as I used to, the missing piece to the puzzle is the monopoly over the issuance of currency held by a central bank (watch Fiat Empire). This, not freedom of trade, is the reason we do have, unfortunately, a lot of imbalance in terms of wealth. But the solution isn't government programs, taxation, or coercion of any kind.

Freedom works better than control in delivering both prosperity and relative equality. Economic fascism ('crony capitalism') as we have now, and socialism, are both ways for small groups of power brokers to take over and control you. Which, incase you haven't read any history, is a fitting description of essentially every regime historically.

Liberty is the relatively new idea (this is what the true liberals pre-1900 believed in, before the establishment's doctrine of socialism polluted the liberal school of thought), coming out of the Age of Enlightenment and the Renaissance. Blood has been spilled time and again for freedom from the tyrants' grasp. Throwing away all that sacrifice, because some propaganda says that capitalism is the reason one guy gets 100x the salary of his employees, is not very virtuous, if you ask me.

Sound Money now. Reinstate capitalism!
Ron Paul's speech on 'Paper Money and Tyranny'

Monday, 29 June 2009

Reform and Change, alone, are not Virtues

What tires me often, among many things, about mainstream news coverage, is the use of the word 'reform'. Someone who will bring reform can be a good or bad thing, but today reform itself is trumpeted as a virtue, and lapped up by the brainwashed public, particularly socialists/progressives but also by some conservatives.

(For example, Obama's or David Cameron's election slogans (especially funny that the latter is supposedly a 'conservative'), or the new speaker of the House of Commons being lauded as someone who will bring reform, without explaining what that reform will be.)

The former are constantly calling for social reform, as if changing society as much and as quickly as possible is necessarily a good thing (Hitler brought about some speedy change, did he not?). The latter tend to be wary of anything change-oriented, but many of the militaristic neocons rub their hands with glee at the prospect of reforming 'rogue' nations, by any means necessary (and in the process becoming the enemy they criticise, might I add).

So, to demonstrate that not all change is good, especially not in this current oligarchial society, let me present to you the Illuminati, a name commonly given to collectively describe the architects of the agenda known as the 'New World Order'.

Oh, they certainly want a lot of reform, and to an extent they're getting it. Social reform means breaking up the family unit, getting you on as many drugs as possible, filling the prisons, disarming you, censoring you, and ultimately killing you.

International reform (ever heard about 'a global solution for a global problem'?) means nations being collectively subverted via continental and ultimately global unions of economic and military control, as well as the introduction of global taxes (with the 'climate change' fraud as the justification for the foot-in-the-door global carbon tax).

So-called 'progress' would be a good thing if we were heading in a good direction. But take a look around you. Are we heading in a good direction? Is progress, in itself, a virtue?

"Bilderberg is making great progress towards a World Government" - Jim Tucker

Perhaps appreciating real values rather than 'change' might lead to a better society. Change is only a means to an end. It isn't over when change is merely begun - as many on the left thought when they switched off following Obama's election - it is over when the values and freedoms constituting the aim of the 'change', is reached.

That means, in the example of those who were against the Bush era police state and empire, that the job is not over just because someone promising change garnered the majority of votes and mass media support, but when the government denial of rights and the unnecessary wars are ended.

Think about it. The MSM is controlled by a few individuals, many of whom are dependent on the business of the military industrial complex - making a killing off all that killing, so to speak. So, if Obama wanted to end the wars, why did the mainstream media get behind him, unless they knew beforehand that he would do nothing of the sort? Obama is a hoax. He will not end the wars, nay, he will probably invade Pakistan, and who knows what will happen with North Korea and Iran.

But when I say what 'he' will or will not do, of course I don't really mean Obama - 'he' is just a puppet. Just like Bush was a puppet. They run nothing - the international bankers behind the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, IMF etc, have a proven track record of killing politicians that get in their way. (JFK and Congressman McFadden, to give two names.)

Even if Obama was the bestest President of the People everest (and I highly doubt that!), he could not 'change' anything for the better. Nope, the feel-good 'change' rhetoric is a fraud, to get you to lie down so you can continue to be screwed over by the bankers' Police State and their Warfare Racket.

Take heed from this Britain! We're about to elect an elite-approved tool with the same empty 'change' rhetoric concealing a Police State and more socialism.

Ways to spot a globalist puppet candidate:
1. They get the special treatment from Time magazine Obama Cameron
2. They or members of their prospective cabinet, have been to a Bilderberg Group conference Obama Cameron (shadow chancellor George Osborne)
3. They have different rhetoric to the other puppets running, but scratch the surface and you'll find they're basically the same. More war. Bigger government. Screw you.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Israel: Your Ally?

Israel Soldiers Slaughter Helpless Animals in the Gaza Zoo

To quote the above AFP flyer, "Nobody seems to care about the 1,400 Christian and Muslim men, women and children killed by Israel during its recent invasion of Gaza - but will they care about the innocent caged animals slaughtered by Israeli soldiers at the little zoo in Gaza?"

(My TV tells me only animals live in Gaza anyway, so who cares, right?)

The leaflet continues to detail incidents of Israeli-related terrorism against Americans, most significantly the USS Liberty attack, in which Israel knowingly killed 34 US servicemen and wounded 172 more, so they could blame the incident on the Arabs to garner US support for Israel. (This could not have been an accident, as the Liberty's crew flew aloft American flags clearly, but the bobmardment continued nonetheless.)

And then there's the admitted Mossad agents (the infamous 'dancing Israelis') who apparently knew 9/11 was going to happen and set up with a camera to film the plane impacts, cheering and having a great time as 3000 people were killed. So...how did they know?

Is Israel really an ally? I'd be able to ask that question, but unfortunately that would mean I am anti-Semitic. Though, more Jews live in America than in Israel, so it strikes me as odd that, by that logic, criticism of America isn't anti-Semitic too...

Do we have the brain power here to distinguish between Jew-hating Nazis, and people who don't like Israel's ethnic cleansing in what I dare say is a Nazi-Lebensraum manner? I really hope we do, lest we become apologists for politically correct mass murder.

The map Israel doesn't want you to see (yay! I finally found it):

So, my argument is thus. Supporters of Israel often invoke the line about 'Israel's right to exist', which of course sounds reasonable enough. All I ask now is: do you recognise Palestine's right to exist?

Ooh, checkmate. :P

My previous post "Israeli Settlers, History Written by the NWO Victors"

Obama's Health Reform >>> Nazi Euthanasia?

What do you think of this video?

Infowars - Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed

Panelists warn of the revival of eugenics under Obama’s modern healthcare through the denial of care to millions who would be judged ‘not fit to live’, just as in Nazi Germany.

Historian Anton Chaitkin also alleges that Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, in working with Obama, has also called for the Hippocratic oath to be ‘junked.’

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Climate Change: Seasonal Fearmongering

It has been noticeably absent from media attention during the recent cold winter. In fact, a climate rally in Washington DC was memorably downscaled due to heavy snowfall (poetic justice if you ask me).

But now, with the apparent halting of temperature average rises, and the predictions of - potentially - a new ice age (or at least a cooler period) due to the current extreme lows of solar activity, it's the last hurrah for the manmade global warming charade. And they know it, but nonetheless we will be bombarded and our children brainwashed by state schools, that we are killing the polar bears or some such, and need to become serfs again to save the planet.

BBC - Officials Issue Heatwave Warning

A heatwave alert has been issued by the Met Office amid warnings of extreme temperatures over the next few days.

There is a 60% risk of a heatwave for Monday and Tuesday with daytime highs in London reaching 32C and remaining warm at night. NHS staff have been warned to prepare for a surge of elderly and ill patients suffering from the heat. The Department of Health has also asked people to check up on vulnerable friends, relatives and neighbours.

The Met Office has predicted that around the country daytime temperatures could reach 29-30C, with minimum night-time temperatures of 15-18C. London, the East of England, South West, South East and the Midlands are the most likely to be affected.

Officials had already said this summer may be warmer than the past couple of years. With climate change, heatwaves are likely to become more common over the next few decades and the Chief Medical Officer has warned of an increase in deaths in times of hot weather.

In northern France in 2003, a three-week heatwave with extremely high day and night-time temperatures caused 15,000 excess deaths.

Heatwave guidance

A Department of Health spokesman said consecutive hot days could be dangerous for people with heart and respiratory problems and in extreme cases, excess heat can lead to heat stroke, which can be fatal.

Ozone can be a big problem for those with breathing problems but although levels can be high during the day in a heatwave, they drop at night so staying indoors in the middle of the day can help.

"Keeping the home as cool as possible during hot weather and remembering the needs of friends, relatives and neighbours who could be at risk is essential. The elderly and those who are ill, are particularly vulnerable during hot weather and the most oppressive conditions occur in our towns and cities."

"Windows should be kept shaded and closed when the temperature is hotter outside than inside. People with respiratory problems should stay inside during the hottest part of the day."
If anyone is worried that their home or that of a relative or neighbour is too hot they should contact their local environmental health officer, he added.

Other advice in the government's heatwave plan includes to drink cold drinks like water or fruit juice regularly and avoid tea, coffee and alcohol.

Let's break this piece of media vomit down, shall we?

- In 2007, the summer in the UK was the wettest on record, with only average temperatures. The government meterologists, of course, were incredibly wrong, since they predicted teh scary global warmingz would have caused almighty heatwaves.

- Referring to the red text...let's fearmonger! Who needs evidence, when what you say is scary. Also, I love how global warming has become 'climate change', because they know the Earth isn't getting warmer anymore. The climate always changes, duh! Doesn't mean we're doing it or can undo it. Mostly it is the sun, which dare I say it, is a little more powerful than us.

- And as for the green text...well, when there's no proof for your ideas, and people need more 'convincing', then remind them of scary scenarios in which people died! Just like how neocons constantly use the memory of 9/11 to manipulate public opinion to support their latest geopolitical adventure, as if it will happen again if we don't do what they say.

If you want to live in fear of brutal temperature extremes, then here's one for you:

Figures from the Office for National Statistics revealed 23,740 pensioners died from a cold-related illness between December 2007 and March 2008 last year; 281 a day or 12 an hour.
(Taken from this article)

Cold temperatures routinely kill more people than even that freak extreme heatwave in France did. So, by the logic of the manmade global warming cult, which says that more CO2 causes warmer temperatures, I should burn as much carbon as possible, in order to save peoples' lives from the extreme cold!

I doubt that changes in CO2 contribute significantly to changes in temperature. But that won't stop the establishment media from putting out the same lies year on year about how technology, and our existence, is destroying the planet.

What pains me the most is when I see the brainwashed kids on the TV parroting the party line and thinking they are solving the problem. The real problem is the sustainability eugenics cult - despotism is the direction in which they steer us.

Pre-Patriot Act Onion News Satire

I just stumbled upon old 'news' stories from the hilarious Onion, from 2000. Some would just be a little un-pc, while others might be mistaken for real news, if they were written today.

List of Least Safe Airlines (post-9/11 I doubt this would be made)

List of What the Militia Are Hoarding (nobody's mocking the Militia anymore, are they?)

Clinton Declares Self President for Life (includes a declaration of martial law, re-education camps, and the threat of using nukes to put down an insurrection. These things aren't funny anymore, because they are a real possibility!)

Serbia Deploys Peacekeeping Forces to U.S. (well I guess it's not a million miles from the Blue Helmets...)

Thursday, 25 June 2009

I believe this is what they call "Civil Unrest"

In Iran...

In China...

And coming to a town near you soon?

Maafa 21: Black Genocide in the 21st Century

Maafa 21 is a film exposing the dark roots of legalised abortion, going all the way back to the days of slavery and Darwin.

Did you know the no.1 cause of death to African Americans today, is abortion? That today, more African Americans die from abortion every 7 days, than died in the entire Vietnam War?

What follows is a cut down version of the full film, which isn't available on the net, as far as I can tell. But you'll get the idea of what it's saying.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

All-Seeing Eyes: A Tyranny of State Surveillance

Note: first, see this post, from which what I am writing here is based.

(Image: Graffiti art by the infamous "Banksy")

Britain's CCTV Epidemic

It is widely known that Britain has a burgeoning nanny state. The hi-tech Big Brother measures deployed here are amongst the worst in the world. In particular, the density of CCTV cameras is the highest in the world - all in all, the population in the UK is a little over 60 million, who are surveilled by an estimated total of 4 million CCTV cameras. One camera for every 15 people.

The average Briton is filmed on CCTV 300 times a day, according to estimates. Britain accounts for only one hundredth of the world's population, but one fifth of the world's CCTV cameras.

You leave your house on a morning and a camera, fixed high on a lamp-post at the end of the street watches you leave. Perhaps you take a taxi or bus. Both of these generally will have onboard CCTV with notices telling you it's for your own good. If you drive, you can expect to be monitored by speed cameras, analysing whether you should be given an instant fine for disobeying the laws of the road.

In London, there is a Congestion Charge ring around the city centre, which if you intend to go in or out of the zone, you need to pay a small fee for the privilege. If you travel in or out of this zone, but don't pay, you will get away with this 'crime' on the day, but your car plates will have been photographed and thanks to the DVLA database of all car owners, you will have a bill hitting your doormat soon enough. This is an example of surveillance being used as government revenue collection, rather than for crime prevention/evidence gathering.

Does CCTV Work?

Well, the general consensus is that it has no effect on crime rates, despite being extremely expensive to the taxpayer. There are cases in which it helps to catch offenders, true; though when the police commit offences, it's common practice for the CCTV to not work, unfortunately. What a coincidence.

Take two examples of the police murdering people - John Charles de Menezes (2005) in the London Underground, and Oscar Grant (2009), shot on a train platform in Oakland by BART Police. Both times the CCTV, prevalent throughout the Underground and no doubt there were several cameras where Mr Grant was murdered too, coincidentally 'failed' to deliver footage of the murders. Isn't that such a shame. Hmm. In other words, you can be monitored, but when a GOD (Gutless Official Demon) does something wrong, he will be shielded from CCTV evidence of his crimes.

See this older post of mine which deals with the CCTV issue, and includes links to a few news articles about the encroaching tyranny of the surveillance state.

What would the American Founders have said about today's situation?

"I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations." - James Madison

"Nip the shoots of arbitrary power in the bud, is the only maxim which can ever preserve the liberties of any people." - John Adams

"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty." - John Adams

"Be not intimidated...nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice." - John Adams

And lastly, a quote from Charles A. Beard (1935): "One of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the great struggle for independence."

To all the CCTV apologists - it doesn't stop with just CCTV, that's the point. If you wilfully accept being filmed everywhere you go, the next step in the incremental tyranny is, I believe, the use of speakers attached to the cameras (which is being introduced in places), so that you may be ordered around by whichever jumped-up-scum-on-a-power-trip is manning the underground CCTV bunker on that day.

Liberty over Statism, always

The chief argument against CCTV is that is a part of a much larger phenomenon, a broader mentality of society, which is the statist philosophy. The state can do no wrong, but people independent from the state are always doing wrong, and so they need to be watched and monitored, and kept under control, by the 'loving' state.

See these posters to get an idea of the mindset I'm talking about

No. In fact, historically, the greatest criminals are always governments, so I believe the opposite - most people are basically good, but the powers of government are a magnet for sick control freak scum, and we should be the ones scrutinising our government, not the other way around.

"Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others?" - Thomas Jefferson

You may also like to read this guide, which I mirrored, detailing methods of destroying and disabling CCTV cameras. Of course, I do not endorse any such action, I am just providing information.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Iran: all is not as it seems

The Iranian 'revolution' seems to be a CIA instigated operation, though of course that doesn't detract at all from my respect for the protestors.

Prison Planet - Kissinger and the CIA's Color Revolution in Iran

Paul Craig Roberts' article Are the Iranian Election Protests Another US Orchestrated ‘Color Revolution’?

The point is, despite Iran being a somewhat tyrannical regime, ultimately it would be much worse for the Iranian people if this 'revolution' were to succeed, and it were to be pulled under the yoke of the New World Order tyranny like Iraq and Bosnia have been. (After all, the 'war on terror' is merely a propaganda term concealing a geopolitical conquest of Western Asia. It isn't about bringing 'freedom and democracy' to ANYONE. Did I really have to say that???)

It's important I distinguish 'New World Order' from 'Pax Americana' (as PNAC called their pre-9/11 vision of global empire) at this point. The globalists have hijacked America (a long time ago) and are using it as a military vehicle to seize control of as much of the world as they can. This isn't an American empire, and I am not anti-American; far from it. What is happening, is that the handful of developing nations not beholden to the IMF cabal are being assimilated, and the US, a captured nation held hostage by the globalists, is being used as an 'attack dog' so to speak.

Iran is no danger whatsoever to the West, or for that matter to Israel. Bold statement? Well, let's take a look at the propaganda, shall we:

- Iran is backing Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Is this likely to be true when the CIA has been using their Islamic arm, Al-Qaeda, to stage terror attacks inside Iran in an attempt to destabilise the nation?

- Iran is developing nuclear weapons and will use them on Israel. Firstly, there's no evidence Iran's nuclear developments are for weapons as well as energy. But let's suppose Iran is building nuclear weapons. So what? Do you really believe they would be stupid enough to use them? They are smart people, this isn't North Korea we're talking about. Also, it's a little hypocritical when you live in a nuclear armed nation to get on your high horse and say other nations cannot do the same.

Note: 2 nuclear weapons have been used in warfare on record. Those were the American devices that decimated Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Not bashing America, just exposing a teensy bit of hypocrisy in the neocon arguments about Iran.

As for Israel, I'm tired of hearing how it's supposedly going to be wiped off the map (even though that's not what Ahmadinejad said). Israel has the most technologically advanced military in the world, paid for mainly by the massive US foreign aid it receives, not to mention its secretive nuclear arsenal. It's one of the most heavily armed regimes on the planet, it's not in any kind of danger from anyone!

- The Iranian election was stolen. While I do not doubt that this is a possibility, it seems that there is no substantial evidence for this:

Global Research - What Actually Happened in the Iranian Presidential Election?

Western media, of course, does not need proof before telling us the election was rigged (unfortunately, they aren't so vocal about Diebold's unaccountable control over American polling systems).

Learn from the Iraq war...

It seems fair elections and civil liberties only matter when you want an excuse to start a war with someone. Don't be a sheep and cry for the bombing of Iran over what should have been an internal issue. You really want a ground war? Send the army into Iran? Free them like we 'freed' Iraq, deliberately causing and sustaining instability, making them use GM seeds, killing a million plus of them in the process, not to mention over 4000 coalition troops fighting in a conflict started over a big scare about nothing with an underlying geopolitical agenda?

And of course, the warmongers who unfortunately still dominate the 'mainstream right' weren't outraged when coalition troops/mercenaries knowingly played target practice with citizens of Iraq, for example here, here, here, here, here and loads more here. But that's OK, we'll ignore that, yet when Iranian paramilitaries do the same thing, then we need to invade their country. (so that our target practicing can replace theirs - only we get to kill Arabs indiscriminately!)

I am saddened to see the violence against Iranian protestors. I'm also heartened to see people wanting to take back their government, as they see it; but this isn't a revolution of the people, it's a CIA-orchestrated revolution with the aim of installing the globalist puppet, Mousavi, who will likely force Iran to kneel before the New World Order's planetary dominance. I seriously hope this revolution doesn't happen (the biggest losers in this would ironically be the very protestors trying to bring it about).

But then again, maybe we should all kneel before the New World Order's global dictatorship. Maybe that's the patriotic thing to do.

Remember, "We shall have world government whether you like it or not; by conquest or by consent." - paraphrasing of James Paul Warburg's address to US Congress in 1950.

Monday, 22 June 2009

MSM 'Shills' and the US Freedom Movement

Shill (n) - an associate of a person selling goods or services or a political group, who pretends no association to the seller/group and assumes the air of an enthusiastic customer.

It all began with Rick Santelli starting a neocon hijacking of the tea party movement and turning it into a mainstream left-right issue. Then Glenn Beck said he now supports Ron Paul, despite previously calling Ron Paul supporters dangerous terrorists.

Why isn't this a good thing? Well, in a way it is, because a lot of former neocons are somewhat awakened to liberty by their opposition to what Obama is doing (pity they don't get that it's very similar to what Bush was doing). But it's also a bad thing because it keeps the left from further waking up because they think the tea parties are all about those 'anti-gay, racist, Rush Limbaugh Republicans' who should have been complaining for the last eight years.

Well, the tea parties did NOT start with Rick Santelli. They started as early as 2007, and consisted of Ron Paul supporters who advocated restoring the Constitution (they did NOT start with former Bush supporters in 2009 as many now believe!!!)

It is true that, with the fake leftwing in government, the freedom movement would instead target the fake rightwing, who weren't currently blinded by 'their President' being in office, to try and wake more people up.

(Side note: doesn't it sicken you when people refer to Obama possessively as 'my President' or 'our President'? HA! He's owned by the international bankers, just like every Pres since JFK, he doesn't give a damn about you and neither does the shadow government.)

So any lefty who mistakenly believes the tea parties and the people behind the new revolution are Bushies, rest assured that it isn't about Bush, or reinstating slavery, or even abortion/gay marriage issues. It's that mysterious 200-year-old document. You know, the one with the amendments attached to it. ;)

Now I get to what I wanted to show you, which is a prime example of a shill in action. Take two blog posts by Cody Willard of Fox News Business.

The first is entitled Citigroup and the World Bank Illuminati are stealing our money, and talks about "the most IMF-politically-connected people", among other things, and how they're stealing everything. Good to hear some truth.

Now we advance to the second, called...er...I was wrong: Gold’s going to crash. Um...no. The paper-based currency is going to crash, leaving commodities like gold with massive demand as an alternate tool for trading and as a safer store of wealth. Don't need to be an economist to see that one.

"Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - ZERO." - Voltaire

Just like Glenn Beck sucking people in with his pro-liberty rhetoric then doing a disastrous pisspoor attempted 'debunking' of FEMA camps, here we have another Murdoch-paid shill telling us gold isn't going to keep climbing. Like those who told us that the housing bubble would go on forever, and a certain hilarious news clip about Bear Stearns:

Their credibility is worth ZERO, just like the establishment's magic Monopoly paper money is going to be worth soon enough.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Statist Mentality: Inside the Mind of a Sheep

Baaa! :)

Government loves me.

If anything is wrong, it's because government isn't taking care of it enough.

People who want freedom are radical extremists, we're the sensible moderates.

Western societies are capitalist, this means they are run by banking oligarchs.

Capitalism failed, so now government will take care of the economy.

You might do something wrong if left to your own devices, so government will make sure only the good people are permitted for all sorts of things; firearm ownership, travel, reproduction.

Without government welfare, people would starve.

Without corporate welfare, 'capitalism' would collapse.

Without identification, anyone could get anywhere, that's dangerous.

Without guns and the right to use them and other weapons in appropriate circumstances of self-defence, we would have less crime.

If you're not doing anything 'wrong', you should have nothing to hide.

There are too many people consuming too many resources; we need population control or millions will die later anyway, and we are the ones killing the planet with our industrial societies.

The Rockefellers, Bill Gates and Ted Turner performed charitable acts by funding billions to 'charities' in Africa, filled with good-natured philanthropism.

The UN is a weak body, which sometimes can do good, but mostly it's innocuous.

We need to stop arms trafficking, the best way to do that is to ban guns everywhere so that nobody can traffick them to places where they're banned.

We have freedom, it's called democracy. If you don't like the government you can vote for someone else next time.

All terrorist events are the result of an angry minority of extremists, so you mustn't prevent government from taking the necessary steps to 'protect' us and keep us safe.

If a nation doesn't agree with us, we should use coercion and force to rebuild them in our image.

The central banks are there to regulate the economy and stabilise the value of the national currency.

Our money has real intrinsic value and is not manipulated.

Most importantly, there are no pyramidal elite power structures using central banks as an instrument to give themselves unlimited wealth and enslave populations with debt, who also happen to be satanic eugenicists that funded both sides of WW1, Hitler, Mao, Saddam Hussein, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and just about every enemy we 'had to fight' during the latter part of the 20th Century and into the 21st; all as part of an agenda to create chaos in the world so that people will consider the idea of a world government and domestic tyranny as a palatable solution to provide peace and prosperity, when in fact it will deprive the populace of any security and wealth that still remains. These imaginary power structures aren't the problem, freedom is.


Many of the red statements above contain multiple layers of complex propaganda which I believe amounts to mind control. Such as the false premises in the statement "Capitalism is a society run by banking oligarchs" which I will correct:
1. Capitalism is just people trading with each other and cannot cause oligarchy to come about.
2. Corruption and regulations, as well as the manipulation of money, are what makes oligarchs in the modern world.
3. A person who believes capitalism causes oligarchy will probably support more socialism, not understanding that will just mean even worse oligarchy.
4. Capitalism, the only real solution, comes to be preceived (falsely) as the cause of the problem instead.

I think the lesson from all human history, whether that be the British Empire, Nazi Germany, Cambodia, Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece, the EU and post-1913 US, is that overlords do not care for their populations and can not be trusted to operate in the peoples' interests. This is why we do what we can to limit their power, which if unchecked will expand rapidly and devour its subjects.

That is the calling of our ancestors, who wrote among other things, the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, and the US Constitution. They paid for those documents (which represent a long struggle against the Medieval style serfdom which dominated the pre-Renaissance world) a heavy and bloody price again and again over many generations, yet most people today don't care much for their content or the spirit behind them.

Thankfully this 'statist mentality' of loving your overlords and trusting them, is fading. About time too, since our overlords have decided they don't need us anymore and want to kill their slaves off so their New World Order can be the world's first unbreakable tyranny.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Yum...Ritalin...Good for the brain...

Don't you just love Big Pharma? Not only are their drugs effective and safe, now we learn that delicious Ritalin also is good for the brain and that students have been using this 'synthetic sunshine' to improve their performance!


Reliable study?

Conflict of interest?

All of these silly uninformed questions disappear when you pop the tasty Ritalin into your mouth. You will learn to love its wonderful effects, and who knows, maybe one day we'll all have had the chance to experience life with Ritalin as our inseperable companion.

As the genius expert informs us little people in the article, it's not rational to be against 'human enhancement' (cough eugenics transhumanism cough)
"Before synthetic sunshine people slept when it was dark and worked in the light of day.
"With the advent of synthetic sunshine, work and social life could continue into and through the night, creating competitive pressures and incentives for those able or willing to use it to their advantage."

He didn't continue to say:
Before Ritalin doctors, teachers, students, and just about everyone worked eight hours per day plus overtime. With the advent of Ritalin, people can work 23 hours a day 7 days a week, work and social life can continue non-stop, creating competitive pressures and incentives for those able or willing to use it to our advantage!

Seriously, are we gonna crush this Brave New World (Order) mentality before it engulfs us???

The Ron Paul approach to healthcare

I have to say that, growing up in a country that considers, rightly or wrongly, its National Health Service to be a source of patriotic pride, this was one of the hardest Campaign for Liberty arguments for me to accept while I was wakin' up.

But of course DOCTOR Paul (yes that means he's qualified to talk about how healthcare should be run), is right.

My two proverbial cents on this - it seems that there is a lot of healthcare rationing in Britain, despite what is said about everyone being taken care of, not all treatments are covered, and many people who could have lifesaving operations have to wait too long and die, for example. More than that, government doesn't have your best interests at heart, so they don't deserve your trust to deliver healthcare better than the free market can. America should not establish socialised medicine...I expect you would regret it.

Aerosols [read: Chemtrails] are Good, says BBC

They are good for you, so breathe them in. If you think they're bad then you're killing the planet.

BBC - How aerosols mask climate change

A Norwegian scientist says he has shown how much aerosols influence climate.

Aerosol particles scatter and reflect the Sun's rays - an effect that "masks" global warming. This study aimed to bring together models and observations of this "direct aerosol effect", to accurately estimate the magnitude of this cooling.

Reporting in the journal Science, climate scientist Gunnar Myhre has found that the effect is weaker than previous studies have estimated.

Lots of further fun details in the rest of the article.

The point is, first of all, were we told about these 'aerosols' before they were sprayed (by all accounts this has been going on massively for over 10 years)? No. Do we know what is in the 'aerosols'? No, but some individual cases have yielded horrifying results.

Even if you believe that human activity is the cause of climate change, and that chemtrails can somehow reduce this effect we are supposedly having, do you believe it's good that this has been going on for over a decade but if you mention it, you are a crazy conspiracy theorist?

But now it no longer 'doesn't exist', now 'it does exist, but it's good'. Just like world government 'does exist, but is good', just like mercury in vaccines 'does exist, but is good'. Inhaling barium is good!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Did you know PETA Kills Animals?

"People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals"

I love irony. But this surpasses irony and hypocrisy, somewhere up there in the clouds of oxymoronic la-la land. Turns out PETA, the animal liberation group, actually kills animals on a mass scale (while it's true that they can't find homes for some, it would be easy not to kill four out of five animals they take in, methinks). They have a walk-in freezer where animal corpses are stored, until they can be taken away for cremation.

See what I mean here

Central Bank Clusterf@ck: the PowerGrab

This is a synchronised assault on what remains of the 'free market' by, not the governments of the world, but the central banks. Central banks that are all, essentially, regional arms of the Bank of International Settlements. Marching in lockstep like the economic fascists they are.

Firstly, the Federal Reserve is getting power
Oh, and here's the Bank of England too
Three's company, here's the Euro Central Bank, also part of the grand seizure of the real economy

Or to put it another way, one bank regulating (read: lording over) every business in the developed world. Sound like a good idea to you?

What makes me laugh the most is that they are dressing this up as being 'more regulation'. Well, to a degree I guess it is, but not the kind of regulation the average anti-capitalist lefty would describe to you (but I bet some of them will cheer for this anyway because they've been dumbed down).

Stereotypical Lefty says:
Yeah, Obama! Yeah, regulation! Obama and regulation! Words floating around that sound vaguely familiar from what people talked about during the election! I'm so intelligent and sophisticated! Regulation is good, capitalism is selfish, you only like capitalism if you're a rich elitist. [gets into personal limo paid for by government]

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Why Ahmadinejad Will Keep Power

Straight from the Iranian horse's mouth:

Press TV - Ahmadinejad stresses need for a New World Order

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls for the creation of a new world order in dealing with the many challenges arising in the international political arena.

"What we need now is a dramatic change in world political thought," said President Ahmadinejad in a Tuesday address to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Moscow. "Western-style capitalism is falling apart, marking the end of the age of Imperialism," he added.

Ahmadinejad said the new world order should be less US-centric. "Washington's many political and economic woes show that its judgment can no longer be trusted," he explained.

Iran's Friday election saw Ahmadinejad win 24.5 million of the votes -- nearly 62 percent. Ahmadinejad's main rival, Mir-Hossein Moussavi, came second with 13.2 million votes, followed by Mohsen Rezaei with more than 630 thousand votes and Mehdi Karroubi with 320 thousand votes.

I'm not so sure about the whole rigged election thing. That's quite a piece of vote rigging, to get nearly double the vote of your nearest contender! This post contains much information and links as to why the election probably was not rigged. But most importantly the real ruler of Iran isn't the President, but Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who no-one votes on anyway.

The fact is, Iran is a theocratic tyranny, and whoever gets elected President, that isn't going to change. Perhaps Ahmadinejad is making sure there isn't a repeat of Operation Ajax (the CIA/MI6-instigated 1953 Iranian revolution) - because he is either bowing to the globalists, or he was a pawn of them all along.

Hard to tell, but in the end it's not really important; the people are what's really important.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Locking and Loading

It should be noted that this system has been operating for over a decade. However, police in Massachusetts are showing off their mil-surplus M79s and M14s, ready to use them on citizens.

Take note of the ring on the officer's finger...others have suggested it is Masonic, certainly looks like it could be.

PSYOP media seems to have left out the 100 Million gun toting American citizens. Methinks that M79s or not, the Blackshirts would be a little overpowered in a state of martial law, especially when the Oath Keeping police (and soldiers, too) will be doing the right thing and helping out the people.

EDIT: For some reason I can't view the video when I read this post. If you have the same problem, here's a link to the Infowars story about this.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Police Discipline Detective...for Blogging

Free speech is a vicious crime.

BBC - Force disciplines police blogger

A serving detective whose anonymous blog carried criticisms of government ministers and police bureaucracy has been disciplined by his force.

The action, by Lancashire Constabulary, follows the exposure of the blogger "Night Jack" by the Times newspaper. He was unmasked after the High Court rejected his plea that his anonymity be preserved "in the public interest".

Lancashire Constabulary said the blogger, named as Det Con Richard Horton, had received a written warning.

A spokeswoman said: "The commentary in the blog is indeed the work of a serving Lancashire detective and clearly the views and opinions expressed are those of the author himself and not those of the wider Constabulary.

"We have conducted a full internal investigation and the officer accepts that parts of his public commentary have fallen short of the standards of professional behaviour we expect of our police officers."

Earlier, Mr Justice Eady refused an injunction to prevent the Times identifying "Night Jack", who won an Orwell prize for blogging in April. The judge said said blogging was "essentially a public rather than a private activity". The blogger's lawyer had argued that preserving his anonymity was in the public interest.

Hugh Tomlinson QC said thousands of people who communicated via the internet under a cloak of anonymity would be "horrified" to think the law would do nothing to protect their identities if someone carried out the necessary detective work to unmask them.

Local criminals
But the judge ruled any right of privacy on the part of the blogger would be likely to be outweighed by a countervailing public interest in revealing that a particular police officer had been making such contributions. In his blog "Night Jack - An English Detective" an unnamed officer had chronicled his working life in an unnamed UK town with descriptions of local criminals and his struggle with police bureaucracy.

Mr Justice Eady said the blog contained opinions on a number of social and political issues relating to the police and the administration of justice. He added "Night Jack" had expressed strong opinions on matters of political controversy and had also criticised a number of ministers.

The judge said the blogger had known he risked disciplinary action if his employers found out one of its officers was communicating to the public in such a way. This was one of the main reasons why "Night Jack" was keen to maintain his anonymity, he added.

With particular reference to the text in red, is the article suggesting having 'opinions on a number of social and political issues' is illegal?

Wow, we've got some opinions over here, bring in the search dogs and let's see what else we can get on this guy. I forgot, are opinions dangerous again? Oh, if they fall outside of safe thought patterns? I see.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Catch David Icke on the Alex Jones show today

For any Icke fans reading, you'll be pleased to hear he discussed more than usual about the nature of reality with Jones. And yes, that means reptoids. Kind of.

More of a 'five sense' person myself, but nonetheless it was an interesting, if a little unusual, discussion to listen to.

Though I do agree that we only perceive a very small amount of the Universe ourselves ('visible light' is a small part of the radiation spectrum), so what do I know, anything's possible.

Click on the red button I have on the side of my blog (near the top) to listen to the rebroadcast of the most recent show (Icke was on for about 2 1/2 hrs, listened to it all, engrossing stuff). Also, it'll no doubt be up on YouTube or wherever else in video form soon enough. Especially listen to the last few minutes if you can - Icke tends to keep it 'five sense' on Jones' show, but not today.

Canadian Jewish Congress organised Nazi Party

The Canadian Nazi Party? Created by the Canadian Jewish Congress? Couldn't be true. No?

(Images: Are Neo-Nazis suitable bogeymen both encouraged and used by the Establishment in order to justify clampdowns on free speech, among other things? Yep.)

Infowars: Canadian Jewish Congress Organized Nazi Party

Article also mentions the link between Timothy McVeigh and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
What? Am I saying that the establishment uses neo-Nazi types as a 'bogeyman' so that people think the establishment will protect them from the 'extremists'? Impossible, why it almost sounds like a 'conspiracy theory'...

Does this story reassure you?

Aha...you may have been worrying about the dollar recently. Worry no more...

BBC - Dollar's reserve status is 'safe'

The dollar has risen after Russian finance minister Alexei Kudrin said it would not be replaced as the world's reserve currency in the near future.

Earlier in the week, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan had both questioned the dollar's status. They had said it was time to consider an alternative benchmark currency for international debt.

But Mr Kudrin said "it's too early to speak of an alternative".

His remarks came ahead of a summit of leaders of Russia, China, India and Brazil on Tuesday in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg.

A Kremlin spokesman said on Sunday that the summit would not be discussing the possibility of a new global reserve currency.

"We will speak more about the possible ways to reform international financial institutions," he said.

OK, I'm now confident that the dollar is safe. What? You aren't? Why not?


Sunday, 14 June 2009

Alex Jones and Geraldo Rivera, then and now

See 4:00 on the first video for Jones leading the protest confrontation with Geraldo Rivera (on 9/11 2007 anniversary) while he's live on air. As for the second video, my how things have changed. MSM is being forced to compromise their pro-establishment message in the name of maintaining the semblance of credibility they still hold to their viewership.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Like Neocons? You'll love this

EDIT: BY POPULAR DEMAND: Beware the graphic/gory pic in the link. There, now you can't sue me if you feel sick! ;)

Neocons are just lovely people, aren't they. Oh, you don't agree? You're probably with Al-Qaeda, who I check under my bed for every night.

(Image: On the same team. Wake up.)

It's ironic, since many neocons claim to be Christians and to be standing for moral values, but what they don't seem to get is that their mindset is bathed in nihilism and devoid of morality, perhaps even more so than the equally nihilistic controlled left that are their sporting opponents in the grand game of the left-right imaginary TV-induced coma world.

20 things the Illuminati can teach you?

This is an interesting article from Stefan Fobes, who says he is from an Illuminati family. He believes the 'freedom movement' has a lot to learn from their enemy. I believe he is a shill. Make your own mind up. (But of course the article also contains some valid points that should be taken on board, too)

source (rense.com)

Today I again, write here about a vast, sprawling movement which comprises a dedicated part of the population who work day in, day out to bring great changes to this world.

In this arena, the majority does not see intelligence, courage, honor, decency, skill, as great things. They speak of these in glowing terms, yes, but the reality is just the opposite. Your worth is decided strictly, by most people comprising this "underground", by the resources you have at your beck and call, and how many worshippers, clones and mindless thralls you have sloshing saliva in your path at the moment. The naive neophytes are fed upon by hungrier, slicker fish who lie, and think of nothing other of their own self-aggrandizment, no matter what the cost to anyone else. Who will take them for everything they are worth and go home and eat fabulous dinners and sleep quite well.

Independently creative thought is generally at a minimum. Raw recruits sit back, read their prepared daily briefs, and follow the included orders from the bigger fish. The reptilian brain by and large, runs the show here.

I'm talking about the malevolent, cutthroat world of Illuminati rituals and their secret society network?

No. I write of the conspiracy research arena.

I see this grotesque attitude permeating what should be the nexus point for the kindest, the wisest, the toughest. What really should be a gathering place for the best of the best. But instead I see constant desperate struggles, by the so-called awakened just as in the world of so-called sheeple, to try to grab power over others and see themselves as better than everyone else around them. The reptilian brain rules.

I see instead of dynamic individual minds who are so in speech and in deed, joining ideas instead of easily infiltratable groups, just innocent lambs waiting to be eaten by the next Illuminati agent with a fancy, cleverly worked out website and a loud enough voice booming with fake intensity.

I see penis measuring contests on who has the biggest hits on Alexa instead of brainstorming on what actually works and then simply going out and doing it.
And so, from a guy who comes from an Illuminati family himself, here are 20 things the Illuminati can teach you. This is not an endorsement of them.

1. They are voracious in their infoseeking. If it takes all night long, or weeks, or years, they will look and look till they get what they have been looking for.

2. Whenever one of their associates or slaves needs something for a mission, Illuminati members make sure this person or persons get the material resources they need to get the job done, whether it be by contributions or whatever. Even if the person is disliked, all that is necessary is that the person has the skills for the job and the plan be workable. No whining on forums, no silly speeches, just gets done.

3. They know how to conserve their resources. They do not throw out all their chips all in on one go.

4. They trust their instincts.

5. If they see an opening, they do not hesitate to take advantage and exploit it.

6. They do not go into deep dark depressions just because they had one minor setback. They use everything they have to find out exactly what went wrong, and correct the problem.

7. They know how to organize themselves.

8. Among them, concepts of color, sexual orientation, and fame are meaningless. The goal goes first.

9. They know what TV is and does - they introduced it, you know! The goal comes before the TV or any of their other mind control devices, such as video games. Watching all those hours every day and being "awake" are like matter and anti-matter. They cannot be in the same place at the same time.

10. They know to not let anyone take what they have. If someone tried to CPS their kids there'd be hell on all involved in trying, even the person who made the call. Literally.

11. You can insult them all you want, call them anything, and they do not take it like Joe and Jane Public would. This is because they have absolutely no pride or morals, but anyone who does with intelligence can easily integrate this into their minds.

12. They would NEVER, under any circumstances, sell out themselves out by giving their family secrets out to the public for peanuts, like so many of the commoners do by selling out their countries and spying on and black opping their fellow humans.

13. In the public eye, wanting a lot of material resources is seen as something to be ashamed of. It is a damn good thing! Everyone should have all the material items they need to do everything they need to do, and should feel pride in having the self-love for holding that perspective and moving with it. This is the mindset the leadership of the Illuminati hold.

14. When information is placed before them that is obviously a threat to their well-being, they immediately take action about it and do not go rushing to drown life circumstances in a TV or bag of takeout, even if they do not know precisely what to do at the moment.

15. Even if all hope seems lost, and the odds are against them, they still keep on working at it 110%.

16. They know the value of building up networks.

17. They feel no guilt about defending themselves from legal, physical, or other attacks. At times I read about people I see acting nice to their agents, saying sorry to them, when it was the agent who had infringed upon their rights. Never be sorry and apologetic to them. It's a clear cut sign of victim mentality and is asking for trouble.

18. They are flexible, to an extent, and do not work with the controlled by them mainstream science and know the reality and value of homeopathy, energy and herbal healing, and do not hesitate to take full advantage of these using all the resources they have at their disposal.

19. They have always understood that they have their livelihood to defend, which is their pyramidal control system and all the luxury that comes with it. Humanity will learn from this, whether it be gently through information like this article, or the hard way. Everyone must understand that their livelihoods are also being threatened, and act upon this via exposure of the agenda.

20. They know to set aside their petty differences when business needs to be taken care of.

While this article provides advice and healthy criticism of how the 'freedom movement' operates, ie that it is involved with too much infighting and in-competition and could do better to unite around a common goal (which I agree with), it also provides effective PSYOP propaganda against the resistance.

One of the standard propaganda tactics employed by the numerous paid trolls (that you have no doubt seen on most patriot sites, video comment sections etc) is that, "How can we defeat the elite? They're so organised and dedicated, it's impossible."

They keep new people from waking up by saying that we are crazy/treasonous (particularly re 9/11 truth for that one), and delusional (when in fact the biggest delusion is provided by TV's false reality). And they try to discourage and dishearten those who are aware of the situation, by telling them they are powerless and can't do anything to prevent the NWO from occurring.

I call bs on this one.

I will not be PSYOP'd by someone who is clearly just trying to shatter confidence in the freedom movement. If you read stuff like the above, remember that our strengths are their weaknesses and vice versa. We don't need to be organised, and in fact we couldn't ever be, because we outnumber these scum a hundred to one. Likewise, they don't have the numbers and so they rely on their control systems, secrecy and organisation, because IT'S ALL THEY'VE GOT.

The elites are not invincible or undefeatable, that's just another complex propaganda piece served up to the freedom movement as 'advice'. The elites are in fact so weak that they rely on their agenda, their control systems, their very existence, remaining a secret to the vast majority of people.

On the other hand, the freedom movement is strong and popular enough that it can exist in the open and be accepted. In fact, in the open is the only place we can succeed! So following the example of the Illuminati for how to effect change in society is foolish, because their goals are unpopular in the open but freedom is not. So bring it into the open, be unorganised, sometimes we will squabble with each other but when the Satanists really make the brown stuff hit the fan, it will be their undoing, in my opinion, since they can hide no longer.

We're shining the light on you cockroaches! Better run, bankster cowards!

And on that note, HR1207 (Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve) has reached the benchmark 218 Cosponsors in the House of Representatives. The banks' control of the system is not unbreakable, unless of course you believe it is. (A self-fulfilling prophecy.)

On Rev. Jones's Command, drink your medicine

Infowars - Big Pharma concocts first swine flu vaccine

(Note from Infowars): It looks like governments around the world will either force these vaccinations on the public or launch a massive propaganda campaign to trick you into submitting to a jab. If they attempt to force these untested and essentially experimental vaccinations on you, cite the Nuremberg Code, which states: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is essential.” No experimental vaccine should be “conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur, except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as a subjects.” In addition to the “experimental physicians” submitting to their own toxins, Obama, every member of Congress, the CEOs of the drug companies, all members of WHO and the United Nations, all members of the CFR and Bilderberg, etc., should submit to a jab. A third party should be on hand to make sure these folks do not get a saline injection instead of the vaccine.

(MSM article from this source): Swiss drugs giant Novartis has completed a first batch of swine flu vaccine for pre-clinical trials and aims to make a version available from September, the company said.

“Novartis has successfully completed the production of the first batch of influenza A(H1N1) vaccine, weeks ahead of expectations,” the company said. The 10-litre batch “will be used for pre-clinical evaluation and testing and is also being considered for use in clinical trials”.

Novartis hopes to start clinical trials in July and “expects licensure in the fall (September to November) of 2009″, it said. It added that “more than 30 governments have made requests to Novartis to supply them with influenza A(H1N1) vaccine ingredients.”

The company used cell-based technology to produce the vaccine, a faster method than the traditional technology that uses eggs, according to Novartis.

Clearly, we desperately need a vaccine for a disease that has proven to be not even as dangerous as regular flu. Why nobody puts this together when the TV tells them that this hybrid 'swine' flu is a great danger, I don't know. Ignore the cyanide and the Kool-Aid tastes great, I guess.

Friday, 12 June 2009

YouTube censorship for Alex Jones, again?

I just noticed this, but it seems MrALEXJONES channel on YouTube has been suspended. I thought this whole fiasco was over? Guess not. It went down sometime in the last couple of days.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Men in black ski masks, TV, My Pop Culture fix

Okay so I barely watch any TV myself, not anymore at least. But one thing I always notice about American crime dramas and such (we do get them over here, lol) always feature the 'good guys' bounding around in black ski masks and body armour.

They bust into someone's premises, clearing with MP5s and shotguns at the ready, but in the story there's always a justification, such as pipe bombs or perhaps a hostage. They always get the bad guys and it never goes wrong, unless of course they are held back from protecting people by nasty laws that restrict police powers. I think that's a fair generalisation.

At this point, I'm compelled to explain to anyone who may misinterpret what I'm saying as being anti-gun: I'm extremely pro-gun, quite Jeffersonian in my outlook, but am against the idea that police 'know best' at all times and should be given unlimited powers, that's all. In fact, this ties in with the pro-gun philosophy - there needs to be an unorganised citizen force to counterbalance the power of state armies and police forces, whose power must be kept in check.

"As we learned from the Clinton administration and much of the media, a machine gun in the hands of a federal agent is now a symbol of benevolence and concern for a child's well-being." - James Bovard


DANGER: What follows is an intermission that may contain popular culture. It's a trace ingredient that is known to cause allergic reactions to free minds, so read on at your own risk...

Cops with MP5s have made it to British TV too (see video below). And yes, by the way, Wire In The Blood is awesome, you should watch it. Another humourous detail is that apparently, some Americans need English subtitles on this show to understand the accents! (do we speak funny? lol)

Actor Robson Green hails from Newcastle, not far from moi, so I probably sound similar to him. But I won't call myself a Geordie for reasons of footballing significance that only locals would understand. (on that note, I still can't believe Newcastle got relegated from the Premier League and Sunderland did not. Oh the joy! Only defeating the entire New World Order would make me happier, lol)

Time to address a British pet peeve. American TV steals all our good original stuff!
Wire in the Blood --> The Mentalist
The Office
Life on Mars
Steptoe and Son --> Sanford and Son
and so on.

not that I'm too bothered, lol! ;)

But you really crossed the line when you made U-571 which depicted Americans (not Brits, as really happened) capturing the first Enigma machine! (try defending that one lol)


If you can stomach more popular culture than was contained in this intermission, click here
For the rest of you, we now return to today's post ;)

There's loads of other propaganda items that aren't unique to US programming, such as government databases helping catch that rapist, or police bending the rules to get results (and that always being for the best, because the Law knows best, of course).

So the moral of the story is...don't watch TV! ('do as I say, not as I do', and all that.)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Scanner Says You're Guilty, Sir...

...You're gonna have to be detained and searched...

BBC - Mobile scanner could detect guns

...What's that? Are you resisting the will of the LAW? Taser! Taser! Taser!

British scientists have developed a portable microwave scanner to help police identify individuals carrying concealed guns and knives.

It is small enough to be used covertly, at some distance from the subject. The device is based around microwave radar technology and is designed to pick up the "reflections" of weapons concealed beneath clothing. Some officials believe technology like this could help increase the effectiveness of stop-and-search.

The existing prototype is suitable for the detection of guns, but researchers say subsequent versions of the technology will be able to identify concealed knives as well. The new device employs low-power microwaves to identify weapons, using similar wavelengths as the body scanners currently in use at a number of airports.

However, Professor Nick Bowring from Manchester Metropolitan University, who led the development of the new device, said it worked on a different principle. Unlike airport scanners, the portable machine does not produce an image of the subject, it only analyses signals.

"It is designed to work out on the streets and is not (restricted) to a closed, controlled environment," Professor Bowring told BBC News.

A human operator will transport the device, using it to direct microwave emission at a person of interest. Return signals - microwaves reflected back towards the device - are picked up, sensed and analysed.

"[The scanner] does a lot of computing and processing of the signals it acquires. It puts them all together, analyses them over a short period and makes a decision," said Professor Bowring.
"It works on the principle that the radar returns from people, when they are carrying a gun or a knife, look different. And we pick up on those small differences."

For the purposes of writing this I will presume these things actually WORK. It seems likely to me that the scanners would read padlocks, keys, coins, anything metal as being weapons. If I'm mistaken about that then so be it. But I digress.

Firstly, this is a perfect example of incrementalism in which the airport and airline security fears have been exploited to get people accustomed to being searched without reason. But don't worry, "if you're not doing anything wrong you've got nothing to hide". Right?

Second, as I illustrated above, it's obvious that these kinds of technology further erode what illusion of rights we still have in the face of Law Almighty; guilty until proven innocent and such.

And if you don't like it, what you gonna do, boy, we own you.

Older Posts

Undebunkable Chemtrails Video That The "Debunkers" Ignore...

...and yes, Chemtrails interfere with weather

(but why they are used, no-one fully knows...)

And You Tell Me There's No Suppressed Technology?

It's another of those 'conspiracy theories' that good citizens don't notice. Imagine the standard of living if all the secret technology was released to the public...we'd be "free and independent" as JFK said! No more poverty anywhere! Can you imagine being sick enough to withhold such technology from society just to maintain your position of control? (Bearing in mind that we don't know just how much technological capability is being withheld, because, duh, it's secret.) What did Nikola Tesla really develop?

Individual Liberty? But that's "selfish"!

No, we need to look after each other voluntarily without having a government do all that at gunpoint. Sounds absurd at first but soon you realise that the reason it sounds so is because of the very unfree nature of our current existence. Envision greater possibilities! Ok, some kind of massive wake-up would be needed before this kind of free, responsible, uncontrollable society could emerge. And that's what we are seeing day by day in the world - a massive waking up of the previously enslaved masses (including myself I must add!)

I'm Already Against The Next War

I'm Already Against The Next War
Stop the propaganda before it's here. If some kind of terror attack happens in the West, Iran probably didn't do it. They have no history of imperialism and would be suicidal to attack the West. Think who benefits. No bombing of Iran.