13 May 2011

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2 May

Today's news is that Osama is dead. Well it's sort of 10 year old news, but there you go. Supposedly one of the very mind controlled special forces shot him in the head, although given the notorious nature of the invading forces' willingness to kill someone then play dress up afterwards, who knows it may have been a woman who they drew a beard on with marker pen. Photo looks 'shopped but what do I know. Then again corpses just like your TV dinner keep very well in the freezer...lol...


Anyway I'm off to get kidney dialysis using only sand and donkey piss while being hunted by all the satellites and spy planes that a trillion dollar military budget can buy, for ten years. Ciao

PS does this mean the war on terror is over now and 'we' can come home and dismantle the police state and not have RFID passports and iris scans and creepy wiretaps anymore? (Comptroller says no)

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Links 30/Nov/10

TSA gropers having crisis of conscience

Following Hungary And Ireland, France Is Next To Seize Pension Funds

Nigel Farage: Why we would all be better off out of this chaos

9 Shocking Examples of Black Friday Violence (oh boy, they are making an understatement when they say it is a preview of what may come in the event of a general economic collapse...the 28 Days/Weeks Later films were predictive programming for the real event; just replace the rage-ing zombies with the rabid hungry underclass, no kidding)

("whoopee, I'm a debt slave!" - image source)

US Senator caught saying that the 'lame duck' agenda is "all rigged"

CIA implanted electrodes in brains of unsuspecting soldiers, suit alleges

AEP: EU rescue costs start to threaten Germany itself (in other words, the NWO wants to knock Germany, which as Max Keiser said, may emerge as a major world power...last time that was happening, it took two orchestrated world wars to take Germany down)

How Monsanto is Killing the Family Organic Farm

Gaddafi demands £4 billion from EU or Europe will turn 'black'

The complete idiot's guide to Wikileaks' latest document dump

Is the internet lying to us? (says academia...the article does have a point about how things become accepted as 'truth' simply after being told and retold by enough people; but surely the 'consensus' on MMGW, which has now been shattered, proved that the 'experts' are equally vulnerable to making this mistake...)

If the perpetrator and victim were reversed, you would already have heard of this...

Satanist Insider - Hillary's Australian Visit (make of it what you will)

Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals

Problem-solving bacteria crack sudoku

Monday, 29 November 2010

Ireland: The Revolt Has Started

"Ireland is burst, broke, finished, kaput! This story has dominatied the World Media for over two years and has reached a deafening crescendo in recent days. Like most of what we read in the media ,it is lies, disinformation and propaganda. The facts are far different!

Ireland as such was not broke, our runaway squander mania banks were! The international financial markets are attempting to get the Irish Taxpayer to foot the bill..."

Full Article

Irish Pension Reserve Funds to be Given to Banks

"They [Irish banks] are for sale as far as I am concerned," Patrick Honohan said on Tuesday. "I have been an advocate for a number of years for small countries to have foreign owners for their banks".

The Love Police: Adventures in Security at Cambridge Regional College

They are the epitome of the saying "you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar".

rofl @ the Freemason security guard getting all defensive when asked about his ring.

Alleged 'Scientists' Call For Rationing at Cancun Climate Summit

Prof Anderson admitted it “would not be easy” to persuade people to reduce their consumption of goods.

He said politicians should consider a rationing system similar to the one introduced during the last “time of crisis” in the 1930s and 40s.

This could mean a limit on electricity so people are forced to turn the heating down, turn off the lights and replace old electrical goods like huge fridges with more efficient models. Food that has travelled from abroad may be limited and goods that require a lot of energy to manufacture.

“The Second World War and the concept of rationing is something we need to seriously consider if we are to address the scale of the problem we face,” he said.

Prof Anderson insisted that halting growth in the rich world does not necessarily mean a recession or a worse lifestyle, it just means making adjustments in everyday life such as using public transport and wearing a sweater rather than turning on the heating.

“I am not saying we have to go back to living in caves,” he said. “Our emissions were a lot less ten years ago and we got by ok then.”


They fly out to exotic locations, just so they can tell you they want to subject you to rationing. It's not because they haven't heard of skype, no, it's because this is the climate religion, where the high priesthood get to travel and eat meat and, I don't know, heat their homes. And you don't, damn filthy humans overpopulating everywhere.

We need a pandemic like Dr Pianka said, that will clean some of you up. Although really Pianka didn't go far enough, the Church of Euthanasia got it right. Visualise voluntary human extinction! I wonder how many of these alleged climate scientists are part of the C of Euth. Do they like to watch the plane coming in?

MI6 promise more toner cartridge bombs?


Listen to the tone of the 'Al Qaeda' statement. A commenter on Infowars said the wording appeared 'British', i.e. from someone out of that Oxbridge type environment. Imagine one of those blueblood officers, that you always see on TV in Afghanistan, reading that statement. Sounds more like them than a deranged group of Arabs...

In an unusually detailed claim of responsibility, the group's online English-language magazine, Inspire, described how it went about the attack.

"Two Nokia mobiles, $150 each, two HP printers, $300 each, plus shipping, transportation and other miscellaneous expenses add up to a total bill of $4,200 (£2,620)," the article said. "We will continue with similar operations and we do not mind at all in this stage if they are intercepted.

"To bring down America we need not strike big."

Like I said, I can only imagine a tory talking like that. Very sloppy piece of propaganda, MEye6...

And, you know, you might want to shop around a bit, as that is an awful lot to pay for phones and printers. Unless you have to pay UK VAT on top of that, hmm, lol.

"Spanish" Woman Claims She Owns the Sun, Wants to Charge

Spanish woman claims she owns the sun - and now plans to start charging ALL users

It has been up there in the sky in plain view for billions of years - and nobody seems to have thought of its earning potential - until now.

A canny Spanish woman from Galicia - a sun-drenched region on the boarder with Spain and Portugal - has decided that she owns the warming star, and has the registration papers to prove it.

Angeles Duran, 49, says that the Sun officially belongs to her now, having had the celestial body registered in her name at a local notary office.

Ms Duran, who lives in the town of Salvaterra do Mino, said she now wants to slap a fee on everyone who uses the sun and give half of the proceeds to the Spanish government - and 20 per cent to the nation's pension fund.

She would dedicate another 10 per cent to research, another 10 per cent to ending world hunger - and would keep the remaining 10 per cent herself.
She said: 'It is time to start doing things the right way, if there is an idea for how to generate income and improve the economy and people's wellbeing, why not do it?'

For those who might be a little too broke to venture out in the sunlight - and risk a large bill at the end of the day - Ms Dueran has not yet figured out a way of enforcing her sun charge.

Full Article

You know, people say you shouldn't be prejudiced at all, and I certainly agree with that in that you should be respectful of each person as an individual, but when I saw this story (you'll have to forgive me) the first thing I thought was Sefardi, and turns out I was almost certainly vindicated. I mean, what does a bear do in the woods?

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Links 28/Nov/10

Clueless Patsy Set-up by FBI in Christmas Tree Bombing Plot

North Korea Deploys Missiles, Targets Fighter Jets

A Sign of Things to Come? Millions of Australians Cashless in Bank Glitch (oops, accident...)

Ireland bailout is 'doomed to failure', warn politicians (oh really, because I thought all those IMF 'loans' in the third world were working out just fine?...)

U.S. Government Seizes BitTorrent Search Engine Domain and More

UK Police to get greater web censorship powers

Keelan Balderson of WideShut.co.uk interviewed by Manchester Radio Online

Eugenics is not 'Right-wing'

Girl arrested for burning qu'ran (compare to the scum who burnt poppies etc)

Amish community asks forgiveness of Jews at Kotel
Visiting German president: Nazi past has made it our duty to defend Israel

Duke: How Nations Die! (usual caveats apply, but I just had to link it as it was so damn epic, lol. Look, one possible strategy Rothschild has to get out of the current situation is to do a 1940 and throw a lot of ordinary jews, who are mostly not bad people, under the 'bus' of public anger. I guarantee you, any quote-unquote 'antisemitism' like Duke implicitly pushes will never ever ever result in the loss of power of the tribe, they have cryptos aplenty in deep cover. I wonder how anglo-hebraic he looked before the surgery, hmm.)

How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA

"11 Foreign Countries Wage War Against Arizona and American Sovereignty"

Jefferson Quotes, Just For Fun, Or...

Replacing Satan

Innosense Betrayed

Somewhere between here

and here


something goes wrong.

Walt Disney, the Nazi, knows this. Oh but wait a minute. Wasn't he the good guy? Ha. Ha. Pick your poison as they say. A Crusader, bwahaha. Never was the twin snake more clearly visible. Wouldn't have been any better if we had entrusted The Bear Jew from Inglourious Basterds to feed the young ones nice moral fairy tales. Or these fine chaps. (Caution heavily antismitic and racially charged content that I view as being overboard, but the info is still important.)

Fashion or Mkayultra?

And They tell parents they mustn't be strict, they must be 'liberal' and 'tolerant' of Their stinking cesspit of bottom line bottom feeding culture. To not be so would be bigoted and backward, not in line with the new vision for this new man, that even the faeces fetishist Adolf was frightened of. Wonder what he saw.

The paradox of this is, and this is why we've been so fooled for so long I think, is that innocent minded people are easy to con if you are evil and twisted enough. Because 'nobody would ever do something so cruel'. Nobody would lie to you habitually. Nobody would start a war, not even for their own personal gain, just because it's fun and it's what they always have done in their occult psychotic state. Nobody would have child 'protection' services used as a quota driven kidnapping ring for child abusers.

"No, you wouldn't do such a thing. They do it all the time" - David Icke

(All those poor children with false memory syndrome who believe they were abused, eh? http://www.whale.to/b/pedophocracy.html)

33 degrees of separation between the innocent and the malevolent.

Sex And Death it's all they ever do. SAD bastards.

It's only as they slowly reveal themselves in their true state to us via their 'culture', that we are much more able to see what kind of mindset the ruling 'elite' have. They are 'banking' on us having such a low sense of self worth due to their decades of subversion, that we actually submit despite full knowledge of what we are submitting to, like satanic cult initiates. We're not worthy of freedom. ?

Welcome to the mind game.

Good News - EU Bans BPA

EU bans BPA-containing baby bottles

The European Commission has banned the use of baby bottles containing the chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA) from the early next year, fearing it may pose harm to children.

The compound may affect the development of the immune system and its response in young children, the commission said.

Parents "can be sure that as of mid-2011 plastic infant feeding bottles will not include BPA," said John Dalli, commissioner in charge of health and consumer policy.

BPA, widely used to make hard and clear plastic, is commonly found in food and drink containers. Canada is the first country classifying BPA as a toxic substance despite industry opposition. The use of bottles containing the chemical are also banned in the United States and Australia.

The European Union will ban not only the manufacturing of feeding bottles with BPA from March 2011 but also their import and sale from June 2011, the commission announced in a statement.

The decision does not require the European Parliament approval, as the organization has already called for the ban of BPA in June.

France and Denmark are the only European countries with unilaterally imposed bans on baby bottles containing the suspected chemical.

Original Article

They knew it was gender bending poison decades ago, didn't you? Wonder when the first evidence on the dangers of smoking was known, must have been long before 1950. Poison us, then when people start figuring it out, pretend to 'learn' of the 'risks' of this poison. Very slick you scum initiates. Soon you're going to have to 'learn' of the 'risks' of (among other things) GM, vaccines, and the project you now call 'geoengineering', nudge wink.

While We Bitch About Precipitation...

They would trade bullets for snowflakes I'm sure.


There's at least one 'geordie' among them, the one who describes enemy positions at 2:20. By that voice I'd put money on him being from Wearside.

Troops out ASAP, before the government austerity them to death.

"99% of you say...get Britain out of EU"

A survey by the Daily Express has found that 99% of respondents want to leave the EU completely. While I accept that this probably doesn't reflect general public opinion, you have to wonder, if the EU was still at least somewhat popular, say 30 or 40 percent, then why were the pro EU people not able to manage a better showing in this survey, hmm? It's common for polls like this to be flooded with activists whatever the issue, you have to wonder why the pro EU types couldn't manage more than 1 per cent...haha...


Just one thing here...I have no idea why the DE keeps saying 'get us out of Europe'. I mean, it's not exactly as if we can all row together and move the British Isles into the middle of the Atlantic, lol. Get us out of the EU, not Europe, that's like saying 'get us out of Earth' instead of the United Nations. Which, by the way, is another genocidal NWO organisation that no allegedly free country should be part of.

Daily Express says get Britain out of EU

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Snow In Your Shoes

sucks doesn't it?

(picture: snow in Durham, source)

We've had about four inches of global warming land here, and more as I write. Snow is beautiful. Also it's rather unusual for that kind of snowfall as early as November. Usually if it does snow this early, it will melt very quickly or not lie frozen at all. You would expect to wait until after Christmas usually, to see significant snowfall here.

But remember, weather does not equal climate, unless of course it's a heatwave, which is always proof of manmade global warming climate change.

Actually here is the new meme. Very funny. Pollution now causes cooling. Pollution causes warming if it warms, and pollution causes cooling - if it cools. Understand now? You control the climate, not HAARP or chemtrails or for that matter the sun (you know, the big bright thing that keeps the Earth above ~absolute zero?). You do. If the climate does something different, it's your fault. This is medieval type superstition, and speaking of medieval, the medieval warm period is to the global warming lie what WTC7 is to the 9/11 lie. Soft underbelly.

Judge Napolitano: "It's time to change our government"

Brave man. I can't let it pass about him letting it be known he doesn't buy the 9/11 lie. That takes a lot of courage for anyone to do, and humility, to admit how we have all been manipulated. Admitting it is the first step as they say, that will lead to being able to undo some of the manipulations and restore some level of freedom and decency, and 'get the government out of your pants'.

If I believed independent Al-Qaeda Muslim extremists did 9/11, I would support increased security at airports and I would support the war in Afghanistan to an extent, and other elements of the police state to an extent. I think this is true for most of the general population. That's how powerful the bogeyman of false flag terrorism is - and when it dissolves due to the truth being exposed, there goes the police state and the illegal wars too.

Airport security should be at most a metal detector IMO, and nothing should be mandated by government decree, it should be up to the airlines themselves. But sadly things don't work like that, things aren't supposed to work like that, because a group of psychopathic control freaks have tried to make us into their lab rats. I defy you not to come to that conclusion.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time, Iraq had the finest education system in the Arab world.

Once upon a time, Iraq exported its expertise in education to many countries.

Once upon a time, Iraq was considered by the UN "illiteracy free."

Once upon a time, Iraq led the Arab world in scientific development.

Once upon a time, Iraq had the most modern and efficient highway system and public transport facilities in the Middle East.

Once upon a time, Iraqi women could dress however they desired: in sweat shirts and jeans, in mini-skirts, with stylish fashion, or, if they preferred, with a veil.

Once upon a time, the Iraqi public listened to rock and heavy metal music.

Once upon a time, professional and amateur sports flourished in Iraq.

Once upon a time, the arts (of all kinds) were visible all over Iraq.

Once upon a time, Iraqi homosexuals were not condemned to death because of their sexual preferences.

Once upon a time, it was a criminal offense to kill Christians or Palestinians. The term used for any crime of this nature was "murder."

Once upon a time, world experts on archaeology and antiquities were welcome to Iraq in an effort to discover the history of the country and then preserve it.

Once upon a time, veterans of the Iran-Iraq War were highly revered by the Iraqi government and public.

Once upon a time, 55% of the Iraqi work force consisted of females.

Once upon a time, females held important positions in the government, business and the fields of engineering and science.

Once upon a time, foreign workers were welcome in Iraq. They provided many services in the areas of agriculture and the construction of the Iraqi infrastructure.

Once upon a time, any scholar of Arab history was welcome in Iraq as a guest of the government. They were allowed unlimited access to historical documents so they could enhance the writing of Arab culture and share books and articles with the world.

Once upon a time, Baghdad was called "The Paris of the Middle East."

Once upon a time, Baghdad had many parks and recreational areas that families safely used.

Once upon a time, the citizens of Iraq were called Iraqis, not Shia or Sunni or Turkomen or Kurds or Chaldeans or any other designation.

Once upon a time, Iraq had no depleted uranium that was responsible for the deaths and birth defects of thousands of children.

Once upon a time, Iraq’s drinking water was safe.

Once upon a time, diseases such as hoof-and-mouth disease and malnutrition had been eradicated from Iraq.

Once upon a time, Iraqis did not lock the doors to their houses and left them wide open.

Once upon a time, Baghdad nightlife was vibrant with street performers and the smell of mouth-watering food, not the odor of blood and death.

Once upon a time, Iraqi citizens could safely walk the streets with no thoughts of harm occurring.

Once upon a time, Iraqi children were not obliged to turn to prostitution to earn enough money for their families to buy food.

Once upon a time, a gallon of gasoline cost less than one cent in Iraq and there were no long lines at petrol stations.

Once upon a time, electricity was available 24 hours a day in Iraq.

Once upon a time, Iraqis were not worried about poisoning themselves when they drank water from their taps.

Once upon a time, Iraq led the Arab world in technology.

Once upon a time, Baghdad’s streets were clean, not strewn with garbage and human bodies.

Once upon a time, Iraq had a functioning government that addressed the needs of the citizenry of Iraq.

Once upon a time, Iraq was great.

Once upon a time is the opening phrase of many fairy tales. In the case of Iraq, once upon a time was once true. For today’s young Iraqis, the facts are hidden from them and they may consider them to be fairy tales because their Iraq differs greatly from the one depicted here.

Original Article

And then the snake US (ROG) shadow government greenlit them to invade Kuwait only to declare war on them when they did so. And then the UN implemented sanctions that killed a million Iraqis in artificial poverty '90-'03. And then their sorry asses got DU'd and now they can't give birth to normal children anymore.

(above, an Iraqi DU deformed child. below, a deformed American child whose father had gulf war syndrome (source), which many link to DU exposure)

Now I'm not so naive as to suggest Iraq was some kind of paradise before the gulf wars. Didn't they kill a member of their football team after they lost? Nonetheless, these crimes must be recognised. They were done 'in our name'. There was no reason to invade Iraq, it was an unprovoked invasion after a decade of the UN's genocide, er I mean sanctions, backed up by Murkan air power. Murka, F Yeah!! 'Freedom' is the ONLY WAY. (War is peace freedom is slavery ignorance is strength)

What's Murka? Oh sorry that's the new shortened name of the country that once was America - you know, the land of the free and all that - the name was shortened especially for this drugged out generation so they could still spell it.

Look, you can accuse me of being a racist if you wish, but the fact is more or less everyone on the planet is exploited and harmed by this system. Yes I will defend white people from the madness spouted by the cultural Marxists and by so called 'anti-racists', but that doesn't mean that for instance AIDS isn't a bioweapon to kill off primarily Africans, or that these wars in the Middle East with the long term DU pollution are intended to seriously reduce the population living in these areas. God only knows what Palestine or Fallujah will be like in a few decades, with all the DU that has been fired off. No one knows really. The people there might simply wither away and die, seriously.

Yet the madness of DU is that for instance, the DU Israel has been caught using in Gaza no doubt comes across the border and affects Israelis too. Our troops are being poisoned, and so are innocent Iraqis and Afghans. We are all affected by the system's poisoning, be it chemical, cultural, psychological, whatever.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

GM Crop Sabotage On The Rise

"Early Sunday morning, French police stood helpless as sixty people, locked inside an open-air field of genetically modified grapevines, uprooted all the plants. In Spain last month, dozens of people destroyed two GMO fields. On the millennial cusp, Indian farmers burned Bt cotton in their Cremate Monsanto campaign. Ignored by multinational corporations and corrupt public policy makers, citizens act to protect the food supply and the planet.

The French vineyard is the same field attacked last year when the plants were only cut. But the security features installed after that incident kept authorities at bay while the group accomplished its mission yesterday..."

Full ArticleImage source

It shouldn't be a crime to rip up these mutant crops; all GM organisms are a real environmental threat to human life and should be destroyed and the releasing of GM life forms into the environment should be outlawed. Won't hear much about that from the 'green' groups, you'll just hear about how bad fossil fuels are all day. Because the same people that control the banks control Monsanto and these green groups such as 350 (Rockefeller funded) who want to tax your farts.

Daily Express Says Get Britain Out Of EU

"THE Daily Express today becomes the first national newspaper to call for Britain to leave the European Union.

From this day forth our energies will be directed to furthering the cause of those who believe Britain is Better Off Out.

The famous and symbolic Crusader who adorns our masthead will become the figurehead of the struggle to repatriate British sovereignty from a political project that has comprehensively failed.

After far too many years as the victims of Brussels larceny, bullying, over-regulation and all-round interference, the time has come for the British people to win back their country and restore legitimacy and accountability to their political process..."

Full Article

Great, now let's also get Britain out of Crown/Vatican dependency status, lol, one at a time I guess.

UK Media Pushes Royal Worship, Distorts Kate Middleton's Ancestry

I saw North East Tonight today running with what seems to be the royalist meme to spur support for our beloved overlords here in the region - they discuss one of Kate M's great great grandparents being from Co Durham. Classic royals trying to pass themselves off as being just like you, or the big lie that anyone can be a royal.

Sort of like Obama the 'black' president who is actually a Royal related to Bush Cheney and Clinton among others, in reality he's only 6% black, yet blacks in America were fooled by him and voted 95+% for him, believing it was some kind of black coup in America. Now you know how it works, Afro-Americans, these Royals have been passing themselves off as Europeans to fool them for a long long time. How many US Presidents have been relatives of the Royals, the majority of them surely.

Hey I apparently have one great great grandparent who was Irish, yet I will not go around claiming to be Irish, it's asinine. Do you really think that the incredibly supremacist Royals are going to let their 'antichrist' spawn marry anything without the Royal Hebraic bloodlines? I think not. Maybe they do look down on Kate M though, after all she has filthy common blood! Ugh, disgusting wretch, she's not all Hebr-er, 'German' like us here in the god like royal family!

Where are the white nationalists on this. I want to hear from them about how royal boot licking is 'anti-white' and I want to hear about the Hebraic blood lines of the "Windsors". Yet if you check Sturmfront you will see the anglo-saxons there do everything to cover for their royal masters and hide their Hebraic roots. Anglo-saxons should not claim to be standard bearers for white people on the one hand...while covering for their own role in implementing the NWO, their own long history of anglo-hebraic intermarriage, and blaming the jews and blacks for everything, with the other.

Update: And it's incest too. Roflmaotsetung. Keep believing Kate is a commoner, royal worshippers.

Related: an excellent post on British Israelism, the Orange/Masonic nonsense, and how it ties into the NWO. Although I think that site is pro British Israel, while I would suggest British Israelism is the essence of the destructive force we find running things today. Anyone with a Chosen mentality will choose themselves to rule the world, fact.

Image source

Lion = Lying

Nigel Farage - The Euro Game Is Up! Who do you think you are?

"Increasingly people are saying, 'We don't want that flag, we don't want the anthem, we don't want this political class'"

There's a good truth telling anglo-saxon, btw. Like there are good truth telling ashkenazi/sephardi people too. Criticism where it's warranted, credit where it's due.

I happen to think people from AAA ethnicities do actually have certain 'chosen' characteristics, that makes the good ones who are exposing the truth particularly effective, this is why there are so many E/J figures in the broad anti NWO movement. Alex Jones Paul Craig Roberts Peter Schiff the Paul family Bob Chapman Henry Makow Murray Rothbard Bill Ryan and so on. I know this makes people suspicious that some of them may be loyalists and co-opters, but honestly I think most are individuals who do what they can, or in some cases what they can get away with. I felt sorry for RP when We Are Change confronted him about 9/11, unless it was a publicity stunt to 'show he wasn't a truther' they shouldn't have done that, the guy knows Rothschild blew the towers but can't say it as, sadly, it would 'discredit' him with the mass believers of the 9/11 lie.

US and Britain in Partnership to Standardise Domination

"It is an unfortunate reality that whatever policies are implemented in the UK are eventually implemented here in the United States. It was only a short time before Britain’s increased domestic surveillance, horrid healthcare system, and curtailment of free speech reached the shores of America.

Of course, the United States serves as a breeding ground for the exportation of its own brand of tyranny – i.e. militarized police forces etc.– to England. A more informed observer might view this trade-off of oppression as a more organized attempt at the implementation of a standardized system of domination . . . and this observer would be correct. But, regardless, it is true that even a casual observer can view the domestic policies of the country across the Atlantic as indications of what is coming to their own.

Recently, it was announced by the British government that 1 million elderly British citizens who have paid exorbitant taxes and endured sub-par healthcare for years will now be given a personal healthcare budget which they themselves will have to administer. After generations of being told that citizens were not individuals but part of the collective, British ministers are now claiming that healthcare can no longer be left to the state and that it is “everyone’s responsibility.” In past years, when Britons were being trained to accept higher taxes and reduction in healthcare, “everyone’s responsibility” meant the collective society as a whole bore the collective burden. Now, when healthcare rationing for the elderly becomes more prominent, “everyone’s responsibility” means that each individual has to worry about their own costs. Of course, there is no likelihood of taxes going down as a result. George Orwell’s Big Brother would indeed be proud of the doublespeak being successfully implemented in his home country today..."

Full Article

Fighting against English Supremacism was what 1776 was all about, a revolution to throw out the Crown control freaks. This whole 'British Israel', oh the US and UK are allies, is complete lies. Smell the treachery.

I vehemently dislike whenever you hear from some hubris filled Brit getting all defensive when someone dares be critical of the UK's soviet government or the evil of the Crown, or the fact that London is the epicentre of financial corruption. "Oh we're not that bad, America rules us!" lol. And the worst part is when Americans literally grovel before their British God and say America will never be as great as Britain with their royals, I read that on Huffington Post once, you couldn't make it up.

Blame the element within the alt-news world that always divert attention away from the Crown; I have found Paul Craig Roberts to be the primary one for this, he always blames America and Israel but never really discusses the English criminals. Likes to talk down America and call it a Nazi country and calls Americans serfs, but does not really explain why, which is because America has been slowly brought by the AAA back to colony status, pre 1776 status. Also funnily enough he does not seem to discuss his own role in helping to make Americans into serfs, during the Reagan-Thatcher period of selling off the farm to globalisation. (to be fair though, Reagan was nearly assassinated in '82, probably by Bush Sr/NaziCIA just like JFK, and Thatcher was politically assassinated when she wouldn't go along with the EU agenda, so it's not like they gleefully sold out of their own accord.)

Also notice that both English and Jewish elites always claim they are the bringers of civilisation and they are the most civilised. Liars. Slavers.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Links 25/Nov/10

TSA turns off naked body scanners to avoid opt-out day protests

TSA Speedo Protestor

Feds Beta Test Courthouse Naked Body Scanners

Big Sis Wants Behavior Scanners At Sports Events, Malls

Old story but a timely one...cctv inside homes...only for 'problem families' of course.

Is Britain more Communist than China?(just one thing to add here. "Getting government off your back" does not mean the kind of deregulation that banking criminals used over the last couple of decades. Where is the deregulation for small business and the individual? You are regulated to death and they are not only deregulated, but allowed to get away with fraud and theft (derivatives), in fact they are aided and abetted by the state/central bank cartel ('inflation').

David Icke on the Irish Bailout

Toddlers will have jabs for SIX diseases at once (even pro vaccine people admit there is a danger with having a lot of vaccines at once...almost makes you think maybe the vaccines really are weapons to compromise your health long term, huh?)

Korea Conflict May Be Orchestrated Crisis to Boost Dollar (remember all those liars who said that WW2 ended the Depression? Keynesian psychopathic murderers. How can you gain net wealth from blowing things and people up, seriously.)

Is it me or do they worship the bomb? The mushroom cloud statue near the then-RAND Corporation HQ was made by an anti-war WW2 veteran, but methinks it is interpreted a little differently by trouble makers like RAND.
Back in 2008:

What War Does to the Soldier

Wilders: Israel is fighting our war (just in case you need to know whose side he is on...hey does that O stand for Organization, or Occupiers? lol)

It's no coincidence that the ADL was founded the same year as the FED and the Rockefeller Foundation, the 1913 coup in America. The purpose of the ADL is to act as a gatekeeper, lest the crimes of their 'mafia' be exposed, and anyone who exposes the truth is of course a Nazi. Now the Arabs are no angels either, that's not what I'm saying, but the Hebraic mafia like to point at the Arabs and say how bad they are, yet oddly there are very few Arabs running the west into the ground. For instance 'Big Sis' Janet Napolitano is not an Arab. Chertoff ('son of the devil') is not an Arab. That Kagan woman, Rahm Emmanuel, George Soros, Saul Alinsky, none of them are Arabs. The exception may be the Saudi royalty, but surely you know by now they are 'not Arabs' either...

Anyway I don't think I am the only one tired of the British Empire's evil spawn, the Arab-Israeli conflict. They are as bad as each other, yet our governments persist in funding Israel, a nation founded via ethnic cleansing, and filled with genocidal criminals who were behind the millions dead in the Soviet Union. Oh and
one million holocaust survivors. Yep, a full million. Do the maths, or math if you prefer, for yourself on that one. Nobody likes the arsehole who buys a military medal and wears it like he earned it. Imagine hundreds of thousands of them, demanding - nay extorting - reparations.

Right that's me done, I apologise.

Related - http://www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/nyt-reports-paperclip-cia-nazi-link (it only makes any sense if you understand that a lot of the Nazis were Ashke-nazis.)

Is Wi-Fi killing trees?

Nicolas Sarkozy brands journalist 'paedophile' during discussion (you know what the worst thing is, given how these insider circles seem to work, I believe him...)

Woman 'exhausted' defending Barack Obama's policies loses her job

Bob Geldof feeds the starving rich

European Food Safety Authority: A Playing Field for Biotech Industry

Experts from the European Food Safety Authority are collaborating with companies such as Monsanto

Munich/ Parma. 19. November 2010. There is close collaboration between experts on the GMO Panel of the European Food Safety Authority, EFSA, and the biotech industry. The chair of the GMO expert panel which is dealing with risk assessment of genetically engineered plants, Harry Kuiper, and a second expert from the same panel, Gijs Kleter, have for years been working with the International Life Science Institute (ILSI). They cooperate with representatives of companies such as Monsanto, Dupont, Dow AgroSciences, Syngenta and Bayer, within projects that aim to soften criteria for risk assessment for genetically engineered plants.

Several complaints about collaboration between EFSA and corporations have been made public in the last few months. At the end of September it was made public that Diána Bánáti, a member of the management board at EFSA, was also active in ILSI. After public discussion, Banati resigned from her tasks at ILSI. In another case, the head of the secretary of the GMO panel, Suzy Renckens, moved directly to the Syngenta company after leaving EFSA, without the authority imposing any restrictions. New accusations were made about the conflict of interest in the assessment of toxic chemicals, a matter in which ILSI also plays a decisive role.

In the opinion of Testbiotech the cases of Kuiper and Kleter imply a severe conflict of interests. “Harry Kuiper was the head of the GMO expert panel right from the start. He was instrumental in developing the guidance documents which form the basis for the risk assessment. Just before he started at EFSA in 2003, he was working with ILSI and the biotech industry in a project to define criteria for risk assessment. He has continued to work with ILSI until today. EFSA’s credibility is very much at stake, because this blatant cooperation has been tolerated for so many years,” says Christoph Then at Testbiotech. “It looks like as if the biotech industry has succeeded in turning EFSA into their playing field with the help of ILSI.”...

Full Article

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Eric Cantona: Kill The Banks!

Ooh Ar. haha ;)

Max Keiser: Buy an ounce of silver and put JP Morgan out of business!

Who Is Ireland Really Bailing Out?

Rothschild Bank AND Goldman Sachs Are Both On The LIST Of Bondholders Getting U.S. Taxpayer Billions In Irish Bailout

"Guess what, Ireland. Brian Lenihan and Brian Cowen just sold you down the IMF river. Why? To bail out bank bondholders and giant European banks. Of course! That's what governments are for these days, apparently. And they'll tell you that the bailout policy is all for you own good. And for little old ladies and pensioners and orphans. Just don't tell that to the cancer patients.

Yep, another nation made IMF debt slaves on behalf of the international banking cartels. And Goldman Sachs and Rothschild & Compagnie are on the list...."

Full Article

I read some of the comments for that on YT. Oh deny deny deny as many people in this country do, about the nature of who runs the world. The fact is the financial crimes eminate from this country (London) primary, the Israel-NYC mafia secondary and the US and China tertiary, they are mere ROGs, proxy for the AAA. Well we all are I suppose. But facts are facts. The Brith'ish Empire never ended. Britain controls America not the other way around as they try to make you believe. A lot of the American bailout money also came over here eg to Barclays. Guess the Irish have to pay up as well for their Crown masters.

Oh wait wasn't Ireland supposed to be independent? Nah, that was a long time ago, we're all globalised and interdependent these days...

Swiss SVP poster campaign

This actually has a very important message 'behind' it (sorry, lol). Blonde hair, brown hair, black hair, red hair; brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, grey eyes - Europeans are already Diverse and are not 'boring' 'bland' 'racist' people in need of 'enrichment' as the hateful race replacement advocates say.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/8146696/Anti-immigrant-political-party-issues-image-of-naked-models.html

Sorry to break the bad news, but 'anti-racism' is actually racist

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Links 21/Nov/10

New TSA Outrage...Strip Searching Children?

Jesse Ventura says he will no longer fly due to TSA


Fake bomb aboard German passenger jet 'was made by U.S. firm to test airport security'

Don't Touch My Junk (the song)

TSA now needs false flag security incident to convince Americans to accept obscene pat-downs

(cartoon by Steve Bell for The Guardian)

Behind the "Sovereign Debt" Crisis

IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn urges leaders to cede more sovereignty to EU

March of the Euro police: The shocking powers of prosecution the EU has over all of us

Want to know where some of the Children in Need money will be going? (see the comments too)

'Tommy Robinson' of the EDL talks to George Galloway (I don't agree with either of them. GG is way too much of a Muslim hugger and apologist - no I wouldn't 'like you to be the cat' you creep - while the EDL are basically a Zionist/Crown front selling Zionist/Crown infinite war.)

Friends of Israel - Enemies Inside the Gates (this is a perfect example of how the british empire/anglo-saxon/royal/oxbridge/mi? illuminati faction is planning to cover itself by throwing their zionist/jewish allies under the proverbial bus. yeah just like in the last depression huh? oh sure mossad primarily did 9/11, true, but who sits above the arab israeli conflict?)

Councils lobby government to raise parking fines (just total financial rape, money grubbing scum...)

A little JFK research - is that Bush Sr at the scene of the crime?

Addicted to cheese? Here's why (I am! :)

Cosmic Alignment - Not Just For Ancient Religions Any More

Alex Jones: The Coming Border Wars

"What's the real solution staring everyone in the face that would end almost all of this crime overnight?"

Related info:

Governor Perry supports sending troops to Mexico, if invitation is extended

American hubris kills 28000 people in Mexico (yeah that's a really slanted article but still it's one of the few that actually has information on this. Surely Mexico's problems aren't the US' fault, however the Mexican crime families are in league with the MI6/CIA drug lords, their relatives. Making drugs illegal simply gives these boys an enforced monopoly, because if anyone else deals drugs they will get arrested, but the insiders get a free pass)

Crypto Sephardis in Mexico border/Texas region

Here is one story of what is going on. It's not political correctness that causes US authorities to be so toothless against the crimes of the illegal alien drug mules etc, it's because they in essence have the same bosses, the big drug dealers aka the CIA/Mexican crime families.

Good lord even Wikipedia has an article on this now.


There is of course no such page on MI6 drug dealing. haha. I did search that and the best I found was this. Still, what with history repeating and all, you can settle for:


Friday, 19 November 2010

Ron Paul to TSA - Enough is Enough


Canadians will soon join Americans in Naked Body Scanner

Lordship Says Let Them Eat Cake

Lord Young: Recession? You've never had it so good

(image: Lord Young in 1987...)

What our elitist 'peer' has forgotten here is that over a trillion pounds has been taken from British taxpayers and given to the criminal banks. But since that trillion was borrowed from the Rothschilds' "Bank of England" (money magic machine of England would be better) who created it out of thin air then loaned it, the taxpayer also has to pay compound interest on the trillion+ every year, essentially paying the same banks for the money which was given to the banks. And where does the money go? Into golden parachutes, and those overpriced country houses and London flats that the new/old 'gentry' love so much. Pompous bastards.


Canadians Vote Out Fluoride!

"Residents in Waterloo, Ontario have voted to stop adding fluoride to water supplies.

The decision, which was announced on Tuesday, has been welcomed by anti-fluoride campaigners; however, the news has shocked dentists and the incoming head of the Ontario Dental Association has condemned the decision. Dr Harry Hoediono has criticised the decision, saying that people are unaware of the dental health benefits of fluoride and are voting to stop fluoridation based on flimsy evidence they have downloaded from the internet. [ad hominem much? lol] Dr Hoediono said that it was a shame that such an important decision could be made by a small group of people who perhaps do not have the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision.

Campaigners against fluoride believe that adding fluoride to the water supply is tantamount to poisoning and are lobbying for fluoridation to be stopped all over Canada. Opponents of fluoride claim the chemical is illegal, unnecessary and dangerous; campaigners believe fluoride contributes to health conditions, including increased risk of cancer, thyroid disease and arthritis.

Public health officials and dentists in the area are outraged by the decision; numerous studies conducted all over the world have consistently shown that fluoride helps to strengthen and protect the teeth, which reduces rates of decay. Fluoride also helps to cut costs for public health services as people are less likely to need dental treatment.

Most councillors were opposed to stopping fluoridation; however, they voted in favour of stopping it to support public opinion. Regional Chairman, Ken Seiling, said he did not believe much of what protestors had to say; however, he claimed that health officials had failed to run an effective campaign, which meant that people were largely unaware of the benefits of fluoride."


Fluoride is good for your teeth, you know! Also it stops your IQ from being too...dangerously high...stops people from being so healthy and rebellious...makes you easier to manage...it helps you to submit...doesn't it feel better to just go along with it? Why have these hateful Canadians refused our delicious rat poison?

Fluoride - Communist Plot or Capitalist Ploy

Have you ever seen a Commie drink a glass of water? ;)

French Police Investigating A Rape, Chased From Muslim Zone

Source (PDF)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Links 18/Nov/10

TSA's Sexual Assault of a young Mother


Obama envoy secretly promised to keep troops in Iraq after 2011

NYPD begins biometric iris scans upon arrest

Bill Gates says we need a global child database for vaccines
2nd paragraph - "Gates told an audience of more than 2,000 that if we could register every worldwide birth on a cell phone, we could ensure that children receive the proper vaccines."
(notice as in this article they always talk about 'solving overpopulation', and never mention that the NWO's solution to overpopulation is sterilising people, spreading pandemics and causing food shortages!! - how loving and liberal, lol.)

One person's consequences of sanctions against Iran
(remember that UN sanctions against Iraq killed a million Iraqis 1990-2003 including 500,000 children, and no-one has been brought to justice for this UN holocaust...Iran is thankfully a little better off and they won't starve, but the sanctions are still a criminal act of war and should be ceased immediately)

Pentagon Worried As China Slows Export Of Rare Earth Metals

Gerald Celente : Currency wars and trade wars will lead to real wars

DHS: ’70% chance disease would escape’ from ‘mainland Plum Island’ biodefense lab

European support for GMOs continues to plummet


Obsession with killing microorganisms is dangerous for humans and planet, scientist warns (just look up "terrain theory of disease" if you think this is BS)

UK study says perhaps milk not so healthy after all
(what they don't touch upon is the difference between pasteurised milk and raw milk. And the fact that most cows today are injected with Monsanto's (they developed it) bovine growth hormone, which deliberately swells the cow's udders so that it provides more milk...the problem is that the cow gives blood and pus from its swollen udders, as well as milk, and all this is mixed together and pasteurised, so it is sterlie but hardly nutritious. Yeah, buy milk from the supermarket, it's blood/pus/bovine growth hormone rich, plus traces of any other drugs the cow was being fed, plus a carcinogenic bonus point if the cow's feed was GM, and all the long chain fats have been destroyed by the homogenisation/pasteurisation process, so there's little in it that will benefit you. I haven't had raw milk myself, but it's supposed to be much better.)

Pig has a little fun throwing around a woman
(and, as you can see, GODS like him are the law and are above prosecution. Probably in line for a promotion. Bad Boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you???)

White Britons minority by 2066

First Americans 'reached Europe five centuries before Columbus voyages'
(about time the myth surrounding the Sephardi Slaver 'Columbus' was destroyed)

Major Earthquake Swarm off Yemen, Trouble??
(related - Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - HAARP, also see http://www.cerntruth.com/?p=105)

Psychic powers proved real?

How to Invade Your Neighbouring Country in 12 Steps

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The AAA Warmongers and Military Pimps

I saw this on TV actually, and was absolutely amazed by the audacity of these people, telling the world what to do. Ex2, Jx1. This is your 'white establishment'.

The worst part is most people will not see this for what it is, not just a discussion, but the dissemination of orders from the City. Look at how they sit atop the nations and talk down to America, talk down to Russia, to Poland, to everyone. Can you see? Divide and rule.

The key point is at 19:00, where the nonanglo member of the panel, somehow overlooking NATO's dirty trick encirclement policy, threatens Russia over its missiles! Now I thought that was enough, enough madness. Yet at 21:40 the London boy chimes in with...well I have to quote him on this...

"But that [NATO withdrawing from Afghanistan] will leave a huge problem for Russia, because the Taliban will then take over, and come up to the Tajik border, and the Tajik border is a thousand kilometres long. And then they will penetrate central Asia, and then they will penetrate Russia, and possibly China as well. So therefore, this will present Russia with a huge security problem."

Now is that a very thinly veiled threat or what?

(We know that MI6/Mossad/CIA and Zbigniew Brzezinski have a good relationship with the Taliban/Mujahadeen, as they used these Islamic militants in 1979 starting the Russian/Afghan war. Zbig is now really proud of this because he is in effect responsible for the war that broke the Soviet Union.)

Russia already suffers due to the opium coming out of Afghanistan. The Taliban were halting opium production 1999-2001, but after the deposing of the Taliban by US/NATO forces, opium growth has skyrocketed. You might be hard pressed to consider it a coincidence, given that a major objective of the ROG US military intervention, again according to Zbig, is to prevent Eurasia from uniting against 'American' (NWO) hegemony.

Of course really this objective benefits the US in no way shape or form, it just gets their troops shot up and their national wealth blasted away, but it does benefit those behind the NWO who control America and are running it into the ground while simultaneously using its military as a baton to beat down other resistant nations, paving the way for their fantasy world state.

Ireland held at financial gunpoint

Ha ha ha ha. Anglo Irish Bank. ha ha ha.

One of the funniest lies I have seen spread about the recent EU/PIIGS thing, is the idea that Germany is still Nazi and really it is Germany zat is taking over Europe...seriously? Maybe it's time we got past this Germanophobia being spun by, well you know who by, the real Nazis. Somehow people have bought this whole German domination thing. No no no, if you're looking for megalomaniacs, look elsewhere.

Seriously, think of every film out of Hollyweird etc with the bad guy being the evil German or perhaps Serb (since the 90s) or even Russian. Certainly every video game where the evil Russians still want to take over the world. Little more than mass slander, fearmongering and outright lies. It wasn't Russia who attacked without provocation in Ossetia/Abkhazia in '08 now was it. But our media for a time reported that they did.

If you want to know where the power lies, ask who you cannot criticise. Simple.

The Irish (at least those who I can see on YT saying the EU is a German plot to take over Europe) would do well to understand that 'history', particularly their 'history' with the Crown, never stopped and is still ongoing, yknowhatimsayin?

Anglo Irish Bank. Look out, the Germans are trying to take over Ireland! Aaargh! They can't even deploy troops in another country without everyone being 'reminded' of their Nazi past, but they have somehow formented a plan to take over first Europe, then the world!!! Oh the plot's real, but it's not German. Give me a break.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Jesse Ventura takes on the FEMA CAMPS

Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura - Police State

lol @ "my 'conspiracy insider', Alex Jones".

Look at the crook pollytician bringing up Martians when asked about FEMA camps, what a snake.

George Soros the Anti-Christ?

Interesting piece of research by the Chronicle Watch...

Characteristics of the Anti-Christ part 1 of 2

Characteristics of the Anti-Christ part 2 of 2

All I know is, an admitted Nazi collaborator trained at the London School of Economics to be a major foundation frontman for the Rothschilds, is bad news any way you cut it.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Airport Groping and Travel Restrictions

A lot of people have made the connection between the ludicrous dehumanising rituals being carried out in airports today, and the agenda to restrict freedom of travel.

So when I was watching this today, before and while I was reading this

Homeland Security Trying To Shut Down Air Travel?

My mind shifted to what I could recall about this.


See, they may have a lot of cards up their sleeve, but there are a limited number of cards in the deck, and sooner or later they turn up again. Standard operating procedure. That's truly why history repeats, because they repeat...or plaigiarise if you will. It's just what they do. And I should add we go right along and repeat with them.

"Listen to me. Forests burn because they have to. And oceans, they go up and down because they have to.

I don't think we're that different...

[War is] something we do all the time because we're good at it.

And we're good at it 'cause we're used to it.

And we're used to it, 'cause we do it all the time."
- Sgt Michael Dunn, Passchendaele (film)

I thought white people were inbred...

Following on from the previous post.


"Evidence That Cousin Marriage Causes Low IQ, Retardation and Birth Defects"

Are white people inbred albinos? Er, no.

See this? These 'skeptical' people say it's a myth that Darwin's family inbred, but then admit they did, it just wasn't deliberate, and it was the done thing. lol. Be as atheist as you wish, but don't be blinded by Darwin worship, he and his cousin Galton instigated the freaky eugenic science movement now known as transhumanism or bioethics or other euphemistic terms for "I'm an insane control freak and I want you to be my lab rat". Darwin eugenics + Bertrand Russell depopulation + Zbigniew Brzezinski's technotronic era = not good.

Well that's another of the NWO's slurs against white people crushed. No, you want inbred, look at the AAA chosen bluebloods, that is inbred. I even theorise that their inbreeding is a major factor in the intergenerational madness and trauma that they have wreaked upon everyone else. I actually have a lot of sympathy for anyone born into that environment. Of course that kind of dissipates as they grow up and start to carry the torch so to speak, the torch they use to burn good civilisations and good people with.

George W accused of plaigiarism in memoirs

• In Decision Points, Bush describes the inauguration of Hamid Karzai, which he did not attend: "As Karzai walked across the tarmac alone, a stunned Tajik warlord asked where all his men were. Karzai said: 'Why, General, you are my men. All of you who are Afghans are my men.'"

• From Ahmed Rashid's The Mess in Afghanistan in the New York Review of Books, as related personally to him by Karzai: "As the two men shook hands on the tarmac, Fahim [the Tajik warlord] looked confused. 'Where are your men?' he asked. Karzai turned to him in his disarmingly gentle manner of speaking. 'Why General,' he replied, 'You are my men – all of you are Afghans and are my men …'"

• From Decision Points, quoting John McCain in a manner that suggests he is talking to the then president: "'I cannot guarantee success,' he said, 'But I can guarantee failure if we don't adopt this new strategy.'"

•From an interview by McCain with the Washington Post in 2007: "'I cannot guarantee success, but I can guarantee failure if we don't adopt this new strategy,' he said.'"

George Bush accused of borrowing from other books in his memoirs

As a footnote to this, since investigating the anglo-supremacist faction of the illuminati, I recall something I took note of from back in I think mid 2008. For the life of me I can't remember the publication, but there was an 'expose' on W's reading list. Now the author was coming at it from that 'liberal' perspective, so they talked about some book that forecasted the fall of the West to Islam and how the 'Anglosphere' would be the last vestige of civilisation. The article of course said that was Islamophobic and racist, both of which it might well be I suppose, although I maintain it's OK to be a little 'phobic' of a crazy slavery-death cult that is being allowed to invade Europe, yeah. But my point here is they did not comment on the specifically anglo-saxon or English nature of the supremacism, thus tarring white people with the same brush, using them as shields for the illuminati.

As some black people have said for years, most of the world is run by white devils, pigmentationally white, but I guess to the blacks 'they all look the same', so the distinction has not been made. Anyway these days they have bred up bluebloods like Obama the fake black man (6% black) to fool black people, so the white devils thing is kind of outdated.

The rulers of the world breed their families like a trainer would breed horses, I suggest it is totally planned and co-ordinated, except unlike good horses, these people are really really inbred. (just look into Darwin/Huxley family's experiments with marrying only their cousins for instance.)

Hey that's another slur against all white people that really only belongs to this ruling cabal. Inbred? Compared to arabs, white people have nothing to worry about in that regard. First cousin marriages are common in the arab world, whereas white people frown upon them. Albinism (a recessive genetic condition which inbreeding causes an increase of) is rarer in the first world than elsewhere*. Inbred. What a libel. Surely white people are just as, or less inbred than many other groups.

* I don't know for sure that the only factor affecting albinism rates is inbreeding, but don't tell me that if it was the other way around, politically correct people would not jump to exactly that conclusion.

My I ramble off topic. Anyway - Bush, like all of his cousins Cheney Obama Palin Clinton all related to the Royals, they are all bloodline AAA chosen gods and you are not, now learn to submit like a good white or black slave.

Older Posts

Undebunkable Chemtrails Video That The "Debunkers" Ignore...

...and yes, Chemtrails interfere with weather

(but why they are used, no-one fully knows...)

And You Tell Me There's No Suppressed Technology?

It's another of those 'conspiracy theories' that good citizens don't notice. Imagine the standard of living if all the secret technology was released to the public...we'd be "free and independent" as JFK said! No more poverty anywhere! Can you imagine being sick enough to withhold such technology from society just to maintain your position of control? (Bearing in mind that we don't know just how much technological capability is being withheld, because, duh, it's secret.) What did Nikola Tesla really develop?

Individual Liberty? But that's "selfish"!

No, we need to look after each other voluntarily without having a government do all that at gunpoint. Sounds absurd at first but soon you realise that the reason it sounds so is because of the very unfree nature of our current existence. Envision greater possibilities! Ok, some kind of massive wake-up would be needed before this kind of free, responsible, uncontrollable society could emerge. And that's what we are seeing day by day in the world - a massive waking up of the previously enslaved masses (including myself I must add!)

I'm Already Against The Next War

I'm Already Against The Next War
Stop the propaganda before it's here. If some kind of terror attack happens in the West, Iran probably didn't do it. They have no history of imperialism and would be suicidal to attack the West. Think who benefits. No bombing of Iran.