13 May 2011

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2 May

Today's news is that Osama is dead. Well it's sort of 10 year old news, but there you go. Supposedly one of the very mind controlled special forces shot him in the head, although given the notorious nature of the invading forces' willingness to kill someone then play dress up afterwards, who knows it may have been a woman who they drew a beard on with marker pen. Photo looks 'shopped but what do I know. Then again corpses just like your TV dinner keep very well in the freezer...lol...


Anyway I'm off to get kidney dialysis using only sand and donkey piss while being hunted by all the satellites and spy planes that a trillion dollar military budget can buy, for ten years. Ciao

PS does this mean the war on terror is over now and 'we' can come home and dismantle the police state and not have RFID passports and iris scans and creepy wiretaps anymore? (Comptroller says no)

Monday, 14 June 2010

South African World Cup Crime Report

As I said, I wouldn't have advised anyone to go out there...

World Cup 2010: Three Foreign Journalists Robbed At Gunpoint In South Africa, Korean Man Strangled

Two journalists from Portugal and one from Spain were last night victims to armed robbery in South Africa.

The three reporters, from Expresso, Global Noticias and Marca, were sleeping in their hotel located 15 km away from Magaliesburg when the robbers broke into their rooms at around 0400 BST.

They were robbed of laptops, passports, cameras, World Cup credentials and cellphones, but none of them were assaulted.

The trio are part of a group of 20 reporters staying at hotel complex Nutbush following the every move of the Portuguese national squad.

The fact that the hotel complex is isolated helped the gang, who jumped a fence to get inside, fleeing the scene after the robbery.

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Socceroos fan mugged in Cape Town

A SYDNEY banker has become the second Australian to be robbed in South Africa, increasing fan security fears on the eve of tomorrow morning's World Cup kick-off.
Ben Weekes told News Ltd how three menacing thugs escorted him to an ATM in the middle of Cape Town's tourist strip and drained his savings account on Wednesday (AEST).

The incident happened a week after Townsville man Jerry Goding had his wallet stolen at knife-point in Johannesburg and amid the backdrop of several violent episodes, including a house invasion that saw a Portuguese photographer pinned to his bed at gun-point while thugs ransacked his colleagues.

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Chinese robbed, arrests made in separate robbery

(Reuters) - Chinese journalists in South Africa for the World Cup had items stolen from their car by gunmen when they were traveling in daylight hours through Johannesburg, an embassy official said on Thursday.

The incident follows the armed robbery of Spanish and Portuguese journalists at a lodge north of Johannesburg on Wednesday and stoked security concerns in the crime-plagued country just ahead of the opening match on Friday.

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World Cup Reporters, Tourists Warned of S.Africa Crime

"Do not go to the restroom alone." That is not a safety tip for schoolchildren but for reporters covering the 2010 FIFA World Cup in crime-ridden South Africa.

The Korea Football Association gave out six safety tips to about 80 reporters covering the World Cup.

They are:

Keep in mind that you can become targets of crime anytime.

When in danger, stay calm and do what you are told.

Do not move around alone. Go to the restroom in a group if possible.

Always keep the widows of your car closed and the doors locked when driving.

Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front and secure a safe escape route when standing in a traffic jam or waiting for the light to change.

Refrain from using public transport and avoid going outside in Johannesburg.

The Foreign Ministry has also sent text messages to Korean reporters and tourists in South Africa advising them to refrain from unnecessarily going out, moving around alone or using public transport.

The Korean Embassy said in Johannesburg travelers should avoid high-crime areas such as the Central Business District, Soweto, Alexandra and Hillbrow.

One Korean TV professional was recently mugged in the restroom of a mall in Johannesburg and relieved of his money and passport, while another was attacked in his car in Johannesburg while waiting for the light to change.

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World Cup 2010: Chinese Journalists Suffer Armed Robbery In Johannesburg - Report

FIFA have confirmed a group of Chinese journalists covering the World Cup in South Africa were robbed.

Wolfgang Eichler said the attack took place in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

"It happened on the street and so we don't want to comment on the matter," he told the press.

Local reports in South Africa claim the four journalists were robbed by armed men who stole their camera equipment, valuables and cash. Police are investigating the incident.

The news comes just 24 hours after a Portuguese photographer and two other journalists were robbed at gun point.

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Bus crash: the dangers of travelling to South Africa

The deaths of three British students in a bus crash in South Africa highlight the importance of knowing the risks of travelling to the country.

Authorities in Nelspruit, where the road accident occurred, said the coach driver had lost control on a winding road which is "quite notorious" in the area.

With thousands of English fans travelling to South Africa for the World Cup, here is a guide to the risks visitors should be aware of.


There is an extremely high level of crime in South Africa but the majority of violent offences take place away from the tourist spots, in townships and isolated areas. However, levels of opportunistic crime are expected to increase during the World Cup.

Theft, including that of passports, is common, particularly at travel terminals. Tourists should be careful with their posessions, keep valuables out of sight and in hand luggage wherever possible, and carry photocopies of their passport.

In recent years a number of cases have been reported of criminals following tourists by car from OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg to their destination, and robbing them – sometimes at gunpoint – on their arrival. Visitors are advised to be vigilant when leaving the airport.

Sexual assault, including rape, is not uncommon in the country. Taking into consideration the high level of HIV/Aids in South Africa, anyone who is the victim of sexual assault or other injuries should see a doctor immediately.


The Foreign Office advises British holidaymakers that the standard of driving in South Africa is "variable", with a high rate of fatal accidents. Visitors should also be aware of the vast size of the country, meaning any journeys between cities should be carefully thought out in advance.

On highways tourists should note that overtaking can happen on any lane including the hard shoulder. At four-way junctions the priority is with the first driver to arrive, while at roundabouts vehicles should give way to the right, though motorists often ignore this rule.

Roads in well-populated areas are generally good, but in more remote parts of the country there is the risk of potholes, and motorists are advised to be cautious and stick to the speed limit. Some roads in the Cape Provinces have also been damaged by flash flooding.

There is a threat to drivers' safety from thieves, particularly in rural areas and after dark. The culprits use a variety of methods to make a vehicle stop, including the placing of large rocks in the middle of the road, so that they can rob the driver.

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Soccer-World-Greek players, Chinese reporters robbed

JOHANNESBURG, June 10 (Reuters) - Three Greek World Cup players had money stolen from their hotel rooms and Chinese journalists were robbed at gunpoint, officials said on Thursday.

Another 11 tourists were robbed of passports and luxury goods while visiting a wine farm near Cape Town, adding to several separate incidents against tourists less than 24 hours ahead of the opening match between host nation South Africa and Mexico.

The incidents in the crime-plagued host country follow the armed robbery of Spanish and Portuguese journalists at a lodge north of Johannesburg on Wednesday.

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Tourist robbed in cop shop

Cape Town - The Mother City's special World Cup Magistrate's Court dealt with its first three cases this week, including a theft from a Japanese tourist in a police station, police said on Thursday.

The theft took place at the Caledon Square station in the city centre on Tuesday, police head of 2010 operations in the Western Cape, Major-General Robbie Roberts, said.

"The tourist was in the CSC (community service centre) in Cape Town police station and he left his bag unattended.

"He went up to the third floor and when he returned, he found that his bag was gone."

Two other people had appeared in the special court after being arrested this week.

One was accused of stealing four laptops from the Waterfront flat of a tourist and the other had been charged with stealing a wallet from a tourist at a city hotel.

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Crime time in S. Africa

The scouting report on South Africa was correct: It's a dangerous place.

An official with Uruguay's soccer federation had more than $4,000 stolen from his hotel room safe Friday morning.

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Aussies safe after Durban crowd stampedes, trampling dozens

A GROUP of Australian tour workers narrowly missed a terrifying crowd surge that left dozens of people trampled in Durban on the first day of the World Cup.
Angry at being locked out of the beachfront live site for South Africa's World Cup opener against Mexico, about 2000 pumped-up locals stormed the barricades and rushed through police lines to join their compatriots inside.

We were stationed just metres from the entrance when the crowd advanced, knocking over barricades and knocking police officers to the ground.

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World Cup bus stolen

Pretoria - One of Autopax's 160 brand new World Cup buses worth R2.8m has been stolen even before it could be equipped with a tracking device.

The buses, with their keys, were left in Autopax's Pretoria depot with only two unarmed guards keeping watch over them.

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TVNZ victim of World Cup theft

ONE News is the latest media outlet to have equipment stolen while covering the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa.

An estimated $100,000 worth of equipment was stolen from camera operator Tony George's hotel room in Rustenburg, in the country's Northeast.

George and reporter Donna-Marie Lever were staying at a FIFA sanctioned hotel in Rustenburg near the venue where the All Whites are due to play their first World Cup game.
The incident happened while the team were having dinner at the hotel restaurant.

The Wellington-based cameraman's hotel room door was jemmied open and all his gear was taken, including his clothes and passport. The stolen equipment includes a camera, sound and lighting equipment, satellite equipment and laptop.

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thefacethatchanges said...

I really am not surprised.
Normally South Africa is crime ridden, with all those international football supporters going over there must be like Christmas come early for all the crooks and crims of South Africa.

Beauty and Health Editor said...

These people need to learn how to be streetwise. Women can hide their money in their bra or get one of these bum bags and wear it underneath your clothing with your valuables inside.

Besides, if you go to any foreign country you have to be more aware. Obviously, given the atmospehere there is bound to be more crime.

I remember a few months ago in the UK, a woman had her phone stolen, she had it in her pocket at a concert and someone stole it from her back pocket. When you go anywhere where there are crowds of people, you are bound to have some people who come specifically to rob and steal, so people have to be more alert, vigilant and streetwise.

You're not going to be waving your valuables such as mobile phone, camera, expensive jewellery etc around in a country where people are already quite poor to begin with and looking for the next opportunity.

AdamS said...

Yep, common sense stuff.

Anonymous said...

What a load sensational crap. Look a bit closer at the details of some of those "stories" and you'll find that South Africa just happens to be the location and not the cause. That stuff would have happened in any country hosting the world's largest sporting event.

Besides, anyone taking this blog seriously is delusional. I mean, for fuck sakes, David Icke? Ha ha!

AdamS said...

Hi Anon. Appreciate the contribution. LOL

Anonymous said...

Common sense usually is not enough to avoid being robbed in South Africa. I think South Africa and any countries with over 50% unemployment rate and a very corrupt government, are definitely way more dangerous than the others. I was in JNB, DUR & CPT for 10 days in June 2010 and I have to say that South Africa is for sure the most dangerous country not at war. The local people of middle class or higher are living in fear constantly. There is not much they can do about it, though. To them it is not a question if their home is to be broken into and robbed but simply when. Most are very nice people and feel privileged to live in such a beautiful country, but they all feel helpless. If local people are at high risk, why not tourists.

AdamS said...

Thanks Anon. The crime is merely a symptom of a dying society. I have a feeling we in the West could learn from the disastrous controlled revolution in SA - they replaced one exploitative elite with another who just look more like most of the population. Of course, try telling that to brainwashed Westerners who believe they heroically ended the evil Apartheid...well yeah but who did TPTB replace that with? Commies!

Anonymous said...

I really don't care anymore! I enjoyed watching the world cup from the safety of my home in America. Yes, I'm a South African citizen who decided to stop listening to the "Crime isn't bad" preachers in South Africa. Guess what? For the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I'm actually experiencing what they're LYING about! When compared to South Africa, the crimes here are NONE-EXISTENT! Don't even try to convince me: my two murdered grandparents, 2 hijacked vehicles, burglaries, several held at gun-point robberies, and all the fear and suffering and locking doors and building walls and putting up bars and fence... wow. It's a fucking war zone in my opinion.
I just mowed my lawn today, I don't even have a fence around my property or bars on my windows. Oh, and I was living in one of the BEST suburbs/communities in South Africa, by South African standards.

AdamS said...

I'm sorry to hear that. It's good you got out.

Ed said...

Thanks Adam. It was no easy decision leaving my whole life behind. I'm relieved that you're not like some who group us South Africans living abroad as "whiners" and "complainers" and "South Africa is now a sunnier place without our negativity"
This is now my second year in the United States, I can accurately report that moving here was well worth the sacrifices. The standard of living here is by no exaggeration 10 times higher!

AdamS said...

Unfortunately political correctness demands that we see nothing but puppies and rainbows in "the new" SA. Nothing could be further from the truth, but then, who lets the truth get in the way of a good Kumbaya story hmm?

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