13 May 2011

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2 May

Today's news is that Osama is dead. Well it's sort of 10 year old news, but there you go. Supposedly one of the very mind controlled special forces shot him in the head, although given the notorious nature of the invading forces' willingness to kill someone then play dress up afterwards, who knows it may have been a woman who they drew a beard on with marker pen. Photo looks 'shopped but what do I know. Then again corpses just like your TV dinner keep very well in the freezer...lol...


Anyway I'm off to get kidney dialysis using only sand and donkey piss while being hunted by all the satellites and spy planes that a trillion dollar military budget can buy, for ten years. Ciao

PS does this mean the war on terror is over now and 'we' can come home and dismantle the police state and not have RFID passports and iris scans and creepy wiretaps anymore? (Comptroller says no)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Royal WASP/Hebrew Knows But Only Tells His Clan

Vital information. If you are scratching your head wondering what I mean, when I talk about 'British Irsael' here on this blog, then, usual caveats withstanding, I recommend you read:


I also thought this would be of relevance...although maybe minus the endorsement of Reagan, he was a 'royal' too.



Revolution Harry said...

"... you should be prejudiced and extremely prejudiced against any Anglosaxon or Hebrew you meet and especially anyone English..."

I haven't read a more sweeping statement in a long while. A couple of points.

From the excellent 'thisisourland' website.

Professor Bryan Sykes, Professor of Human Genetics at The University of Oxford has observed:

"We are an ancient people, and though the Isles have been the target of invasion and opposed settlement from abroad ever since Julius Caesar first stepped on to the shingle shores of Kent, these have barely scratched the topsoil of our deep-rooted ancestry. However we may feel about ourselves and about each other, we are genetically rooted in a Celtic past. The Irish, the Welsh and the Scots know this, but the English sometimes think otherwise. But, just a little way beneath the surface, the strands of ancestry weave us all together as the children of a common past."


The point being that the claim that we, the English, are all Anglo Saxons is erroneous.

The second point is that the author of the piece seems to not realise that the greatest victims of the 'elite' that rule these islands are the very native (ordinary) English, Scots, Welsh and indeed Irish themselves.

AdamS said...

Obviously I don't discuss this in terms of ordinary people. I have said before here that I know plenty of ordinary English people and, I'd better make this very clear, I presumed I was English when embarking on research into British-Israel et al.

If I was 'on the outside' as the ZGR is I might be tempted to make generalisations the same way that many make generalisations about the Ashkenazi/Sephardi.

However I would be very careful to emphasise that just as most Jews are victims, so is true regarding the English.

That said one cannot deny the presence and prevalence of corruption in the 'wasp' 'blueblood' 'oxbridge' world aka buggery/warmongering central, and it's these people who are hypocritically trying to shift blame onto their lesser asiatic cohorts in Israel. Also the domination of even the alternative media by this tag team of anglo/zionist gatekeepers.

That's just how I see it. Believe me, not without overcoming a lot of cognitive dissonance, just as ages ago when I at first tried to overlook the heavy presence of talmudists among the NWO hierachy.

In many ways it would be a lot easier for me if I actually was English in some capacity. Who knows, I may be somewhat I guess. Just because, then I could say "I'm English and here's an expose on British Israel" just the same way as it's easier for Jews (rather than Goyim) to expose Zionism and be credible.

The last thing I want to be is some cliche'd "anti English troll"...which sounds funny since I haven't lived anywhere else...lol

Revolution Harry said...

There's no doubt that there is an 'elite' of sorts that operates out of England with, arguably, the City of London (the square mile) being the control centre. That said it's more than a stretch to label all of these types as being 'Anglo Saxon' and by extension 'English'. Apart from anything else let's not forget the huge influence of the Normans after 1066 among the elites. There's also a healthy Scots representation in case you hadn't noticed as well as 'Jewish'. Then we have royalty themselves the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas.

It's also highly debatable that the above cabal is actually at the centre of all things New World Order. My own humble research suggest that it is far more likely to be the Vatican.

The connecting force between all these disparate groups is Luciferianism and to suggest it is race specific seems to me to miss the mark. The 'British Israel' phenomenon is merely part of a much bigger, Luciferian, picture.

AdamS said...

I promise, I am not at all trying to be, so to speak, "holier-than-thou", or hypocritical.

Doubtless there's a lot of responsibility to go around. Two such families from Scotland are Sutherlands (some were slavers) and Mathesons (China opium running for the Crown). Also if today's English royals are hebraic, which I would suggest is so, and most/all the royals are related since they do their gross inbreeding historically speaking, chances are the Welsh Scottish and Irish royals were hebraic too. Def the Welsh, hence "Tudors" with that bloody dragon/lizard flag. That's where a lot of this "British" rather than solely "English" Israelism comes along.

But no-one talks about the English in the same terms as about the Jews despite the common (elite) crimes. The English (elite) blame the Jews for everything and sit atop the Arab-Israeli conflict.

That's what I mean, when some arrogant slaving ponse from Oxford gets up on TV and presumes to tell the world what to do. You just don't see that from, say, a Frenchman or German or Russian. Why? If they pass comment on world events it's usually done in a more respectful and less commanding way. Oh they still distort and lie, but they don't act like they are trying to govern the world.

As Cecil Rhodes told us, the UK governs the whole world. OK by proxy but that's how it works. This disinfo they're feeding the English/British truthers, that the EU runs this country...sheesh. If Rothschilds (who are knights subordinate to the monarchy, ruling over France/Germany on their behalf) wanted, that EU could stop tomorrow.

"to suggest it is race specific seems to me to miss the mark"

You're right, it's people who for whatever reason are psychopathic, toxic and given unto whatever they really dial up during their rituals. But the people in charge are racially or 'bloodline' oriented, often. Due to their chosenite ideology.

However if we were to accept Dr Duke as being right, and it was race specific, then he is being a hypocrite because he is an English-Hebrew/royal himself. One who just happens to say that Israel runs things not London.

I do acknowledge the Vatican element but in terms of 'follow the money' those boys just don't seem to turn up often enough versus the Crown. I sort of view them as a retired entity. They just don't have the power that they did back when the money changers were bivvy'd in Venice. They're all in it together though. Babylonian captivity.

PS I don't believe OPPENHEIMER's study of English origins (isn't it odd that there has only been one study into such a matter?). That's just to give cover for their ongoing genocide project of the indigenous, IMO. But what do I know.

The following is a British Israel site so have your bullshit detector primed and ready. But I link it because I think the evidence is pretty good.


PPS Like the ZGR says there are about, hmm, Zero English/Anglosaxon voices against Anglo-Zionism (British-Israel), despite there being many Jewish voices against Jewish-Zionism. If after all this you a) oppose the British-Israel cult, and b) turn out to be English/Anglosaxonjute I will write a long apology humiliating myself and leave it up for a full 24 hours to fully wallow in the shame of being wrong.

Revolution Harry said...

My surname's Jones and I'd always assumed that this betrayed a degree of Welsh lineage. On doing a little research apparently this is not the case but I've no way of knowing if I'm of Anglo Saxon descent or not. I suspect the same is true of many in the British Isles, however long back they can trace their ancestors. I did, though, come across the following.

"William the Conqueror (began to reign 1066, d. 1087, reigned 21 yrs.) divided his conquered lands into 700 baronies or great fiefs. These were the lands that did not belong to the church, and were not already reserved for himself. He bestowed these baronies on his family, particular friends, or those who had distinguished themselves in his service. These baronies were subdivided into 60,215 knights' fee. [We would consider "rent"!] No Saxons or Welsh had any of these first fiefs, and only a few Saxons were allowed (elevated enough) to obtain any of the later. This explains why most of the English genealogy books begin their lineage with the Norman conquest. An abstract of English printed peerage, by Richard Sims (1856), reports that out of 249 "nobleman", only 35 laid claim to have traced their descent beyond the Conquest. (14%) The Welsh are not even in the picture! Of course, Welsh documents were not considered to be legitimate records of the realm."

Surely the Norman invasion itself blows a hole in the 'English/Anglo Saxons are the pinnacle of the NWO elite' theory?

Bill Cooper (an Anglo Saxon surname?) certainly derided the whole British/Israel idea.


From research I'd done previously I found the arguments against far more persuasive than those for. The one below by Herbert W Armstrong (another Anglo Saxon?) is probably the best of these.


I'm no genetic expert but Oppenheimer was not alone as the studies of Professor Bryan Sykes, Professor of Human Genetics at The University of Oxford, show. Isn't it curious that the supposed believers in a racially supreme Anglo Saxon race should be currently doing all they can to destroy that race by mass immigration and other spurious doctrines?

Revolution Harry said...

Dr Duke doesn't really focus on the bigger picture that can be generally referred to as the New World Order agenda. He concentrates on the narrower issue of racial destruction that is occurring in all 'white' nations. It has certainly been made to appear as if this is a 'Jewish' enterprise but my own research doubts this and I tend to see it more in terms of the creation of 'slave race' that is to be subservient to the 'elite'. That elite being made up of various ethnicities and can in no way be classified as solely English, British or Anglo Saxon.

When discussing the 'gross inbreeding' that is characteristic of those of Royal lineage surely the majority of this inbreeding is done with European Royalty. For me that is where the pinnacle of the NWO is to be found and if our current Royal Family is at the top of the tree it is in this context and not that of any Anglo Saxon agenda. The 'bloodlines' they seek to preserve are not Anglo Saxon, how could they be when you trace the lineage of our current 'Royals' (Phil the Greek?).

We could get into a long discussion on the subject of the Vatican. As I said I see that institution as the current seat of the Holy Roman Empire that is currently being reconstituted in the form of the EU. I agree that the Crown has a major part in this but not the prime one. I tend to view all of the various components of the NWO agenda as being equally culpable be they from the Vatican, the Crown, European Royalty and aristocracy or the Synagogue of Satan (those who say they are Jews but are not). We can find out who was truly calling the shots when we've dealt with them all. For me, the unifying force is the worship of Lucifer/Satan. That is what we are up against and it is this common factor that manages to unite so many disparate psychopaths in their endeavour to enslave us all whether we be an ordinary Englishman or an ordinary Jew. Indeed the whole of humanity is to enslaved apart from the criminal elite few percent at the top.

I can't see any way that all the peoples of the world and particularly Europe, would sign up to an agenda that aims to put the Anglo Saxons in the position of 'master race'. Lucifer is the one they all serve and he's not that fussed about issues of ethnicity.

AdamS said...

Jones isn't always English, like anglosaxon Alex Jones, it can also be Welsh. I know someone called Jones who looks like a celt.

Cooper is just an occupational name (I believe, a "coop-er" of chickens, right?) and doesn't indicate ancestry although my understanding is it tends to be either English or Scottish. I did some limited searching on that name a while ago, and I also posted Bill Cooper's take on BI'ism which is good although he did not catch on that the anglosaxons are not Germanic.

My surname has two origins that I found, one of which is English and the other of which comes from a sept of a highland clan. So a lot of surnames are frustrating to research owing to their ambiguity and due to some sites that it seems just flat out lie sometimes. The problem is, so much BSBSBS has been written about surnames.

For instance I researched the surname 'Linkie' which belongs to someone whose health newsletter I subscribe to. Very rare name. Seems to only originate from a very small group of people in one lowland region in Scotland. But on one site it says it is of Anglo-saxon origin. Yet in 1891 no-one in England had that name, says ancestry.co.uk. So that's an example of some of the bull that exists on this subject.

I read on a forum some muppet who was honestly telling Scots that if they have blonde hair it's because they're Anglosaxon. Like he has never heard of Vikings before. Just such a load of rubbish out there sometimes.

As for the royals, they're about as Greek or German as the Russian mafia is Russian. Hee hee. Cryptos are fun. They would not be invited to sit on the seat of David, under which Jacob's pillow is supposed to reside, unless they were chosen. German? That's a fair question actually, while it's on my mind, if the English are Germanic then how come they hate the Germans so much?

Ever noticed that all the royals of the world pretty much have been removed except one, and some other subservient ones like the Sauds who are secret Sephardim who are willing participants in the Great Game. OK so the Swedish royals still stand, although now some sex scandal is being pushed involving them. I can't think of any other in Europe although I might be wrong. Not that royalty is good; it isn't. But QE2 wants to be the only one it seems.

The British Israel story is 90% fiction (I'm not trying to say it's true, heavens no!) but the anglosaxons probably are Asiatic rather than European. Which is funny because they tend to view themselves as "White", or "the whitest". Gives Europeans a bad name IMO.

What I mean by anglosaxons exposing British Israel, is are there any anglosaxons who are telling you the truth that they are hebraic/asiatic, not gentile/european as they claim, and best friends and allies with the jews, and that they operate on a tribal/satanic basis just like the jews. Look at anglosaxon media domination, just like jewish media domination. It is there hidden in plain sight.

Doesn't Kate Winslet set your J-dar off? But she isn't. Look also at the "British Israel" marriages where Rothschilds, Clintons etc wed each other like they are the same tribe. Makow's article "England's Jewish Aristocracy" outlines this strange trend.

AdamS said...


"Isn't it curious that the supposed believers in a racially supreme Anglo Saxon race should be currently doing all they can to destroy that race"

Yeah, but really they aren't are they, except the anglosaxons are losing out to the ashkenazi/sephardi in some places like the US supreme court which is now WASP free. The working class are being shafted by immigration etc, but the English elite have nothing to worry about, they're intermarried with the Jewish elite and are swanning off to France or Spain or Germany or Russia or Uruguay to take over their societies instead.

Don't forget that the top Zionists love to kill ordinary Jews - helps take peoples' eyes off the ball, among other things. The English elite are playing a similar victim game.

Look at when the Irish bailed out ANGLO IRISH BANK and somehow they (MI6 Daily Mail, etc) spun the story to get the Irish blaming the Germans/Merkel rather than Rothschilds/London/BoE.

Honestly stick with the ZGR who knows more than me about the specifics of the anglosaxon history (boy, you thought jewish history was deceptive) and the evidence will pile up. I can't believe you are anglosaxon (just based on your attitude alone, and your willingness to discuss this topic), but if you are then seriously I bow to you like Obama to...well anybody. lol.

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