13 May 2011

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2 May

Today's news is that Osama is dead. Well it's sort of 10 year old news, but there you go. Supposedly one of the very mind controlled special forces shot him in the head, although given the notorious nature of the invading forces' willingness to kill someone then play dress up afterwards, who knows it may have been a woman who they drew a beard on with marker pen. Photo looks 'shopped but what do I know. Then again corpses just like your TV dinner keep very well in the freezer...lol...


Anyway I'm off to get kidney dialysis using only sand and donkey piss while being hunted by all the satellites and spy planes that a trillion dollar military budget can buy, for ten years. Ciao

PS does this mean the war on terror is over now and 'we' can come home and dismantle the police state and not have RFID passports and iris scans and creepy wiretaps anymore? (Comptroller says no)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Footnotes on Israel, Zionism, Divide and Conquer

Time to cut the bull out of Middle Eastern politics and history. An alternative to the dumbed down narrative you learnt in school (or should I say, an alternative to the dumbed down narrative I learned in school...)
The first video is of a "gentile" receiving a warm welcome visiting Israel. I've never seen the film but apparently it's from "Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?"

Benjamin Freedman, former Zionist, spells out a few home truths back in 1961.

"Some cool facts about Israel"

The great myth about Palestine and the Zionist enclave of Israel is that it is built upon the principle of "A land without people, for a people without a land."

Jews are not "a people without a land", they may have been "a people without a government" in the first half of the 20th Century - but really "they" are not even one people at all. Judaism is a religion, not a race. In many ways there is no "Jewish race", at least not with ancestral ties to the land of Palestine. Most of the "Jewish people" are Eastern Europeans anyway.

And if Judaism is a religion and not a race, then Zionism is an ideology and not a religion. The Talmud - or certain parts of it - give Mein Kampf a run for its money in terms of just downright disgusting, racist, foul bigotry.

“One of the oldest problems puzzled over in the Talmud is: "Why did God create goyim?" The generally accepted answer is "somebody has to buy retail” - Zionist commentary on the Talmud.

'goyim' = term used as a defamation towards non-'Jews'. I put 'Jews' here in quote marks because true Jews are not Zionist, racist bigots. As stated above Zionism is an ideology, and as far as ideology goes it is right down there with the most base, hate-filled, brutal ideologies in history.

It's worth noting that some of those against the New World Order (eg Prothink.org, I refuse to link directly to it) have decided that we are facing a "Jew World Order". As I have said, and will continiue to say, this is playing into the hands of the global elite. Many of them are ostensibly Jews/Zionists yes, and Israel is an illegitimate state run by people with warped ideology, yes. But the defining factor is not them being Jewish...in fact, they're not even Jewish at all. They are evil.

Now that's the kind of discrimination I can get behind - let's discriminate based on good and evil, who does what; know the tree by its fruits, and so on. I do not know whether the elite are Jewish, Zionist, Christian, Satanist, Atheist, whatever. It doesn't really matter, because they are evil. All the evil people they've supported, including Hitler (which kind of ruins the "Jewish" hypothesis, however you cut it), demonstrate this.

Look, it's unavoidable that what Israel has done since its inception is evil. There exists the propaganda about all the savage Arabs who would 'drive Israel into the sea'...I might have believed it in 1948, but in 2008? Not buying it! Israel is by far the mightiest country in the Middle East, it faces no threat from any of its neighbours. It's a NUCLEAR POWER for crying out loud, so the furore over Iran is...just a little hypocritical.

Israel is a racist state, that's evident when you look at their immigration policy, their politics, their attitude towards non-Jews, especially Arabs who irony of all ironies, whatever you think of them, are the true natives on Palestinian soil.

At this point it becomes necessary to tackle one of the pervasive myths about Arabs in Western civilisation; that they want to take you over, or that if you support the Palestinians, you somehow are inviting your country to be taken over by Muslims. Really, that's the level of insanity and brainwashing we have reached in the West, and we have to admit that we have been conned.

First of all, let's deal with the "threat" of Muslim immigrants. They wouldn't be so numerous if the government didn't let so many in and purposefully let them stay. Not to say that Muslims are somehow a problem, far from it; our government makes the immigration problem by deliberately paying welfare to immigrants. If the taps were turned off, it wouldn't matter if 100 million Arabs lived in the UK, because it wouldn't cost other citizens a penny in tax, and the economy would benefit. Also, less would bring their families over; rather only the productive would come to work and send money back home; a win-win situation. The point is that government makes the immigrant problem, not the immigrants themselves.

The idea that "Muslims are out to get you" seems irrational. Not least because the people who really are getting you are behind the world's central banks (their mechanism for fraud) and I can tell you, they may be satanic, atheist, masonic, whatever; they aren't Arab or Muslim, I'll say that for sure. Also, 9/11 was indeed an inside job, pinned on the Al-CIAda patsy Bin Laden (do I really need to repeat this stuff?) The 7/7 story, while there is less substance on what happened, reeks of bull too. Al-Qaeda is not under your bed. The Mossad, however, may just be tapping your telephone.

Divide and Conquer is all over us again. We have been had. It's the Jews! It's the Muslims! It's the Masons or the Catholic Church! It's the left wing, the right wing! All these "groups", are built upon ordinary people who tend to be basically good. The Jew waves the flag of Israel not understanding he stands upon land that was stolen by ethinc cleansing. The Muslim prays facing Mecca while his brethren stone to death a girl in order to preserve "honour". The Obama supporter decries those trying to get them to snap out of their trance as "racist Republicans". None of the above people quite get it, get how they contribute to the evil, because they've been manipulated so badly that they refuse to accept the humiliation of it, so they double down on their bets (also known as drinking the Koolaid) and froth hatred at everyone else.

The point of all this is that evil people manipulate, and manipulators rise to the top in society. Human nature sucks, doesn't it? Thus, honest people will always have an uphill struggle maintaining some semblance of justice in authority, and this requires them to try and disentangle the webs the elites weave, to see the truth. Not an easy task. In this context, it is easy to get trapped down oversimplistic lines - 'liberal', 'conservative', black, white, Jew, Christian, Muslim.

These doctrines serve as a great benefit to the elite, for now all you little people can waste your time fighting each other instead of paying attention to your rulers. They built their World Government hidden in plain sight, only now however is it being rolled out. It's already been here for sixty years (UN/IMF), minus the global taxes that will come soon. This tyranny will be defeated by patriots, free humans the world over, mysteriously of all races and faiths. Because the defining factor uniting them will be good, and a hatred towards evil. Sometimes it's good to discriminate.

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