13 May 2011

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2 May

Today's news is that Osama is dead. Well it's sort of 10 year old news, but there you go. Supposedly one of the very mind controlled special forces shot him in the head, although given the notorious nature of the invading forces' willingness to kill someone then play dress up afterwards, who knows it may have been a woman who they drew a beard on with marker pen. Photo looks 'shopped but what do I know. Then again corpses just like your TV dinner keep very well in the freezer...lol...


Anyway I'm off to get kidney dialysis using only sand and donkey piss while being hunted by all the satellites and spy planes that a trillion dollar military budget can buy, for ten years. Ciao

PS does this mean the war on terror is over now and 'we' can come home and dismantle the police state and not have RFID passports and iris scans and creepy wiretaps anymore? (Comptroller says no)

Monday, 15 March 2010

Christianity and Sun Worship - Ongoing Research

Thomas Paine wrote,
The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the Sun, and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the Sun.

Could he be right?

The Cross

As I noted while discussing this recently, there is a link between the crucifixion and astrological charts, in which the Sun (Son) is very much 'on the Cross' (on zodiac diagrams with solstices and equinoxes marked by lines!).

Now of course, this is only a coincidence, since we all know Jesus was excecuted by being nailed to a cross anyway. But was he? I'm not saying he wasn't, I can't assess the validity of this, but have a look for yourself:

"Early Christians Never Used The Cross"

I can think of no other invented symbol of religion that gives a more horrific description than a man tortured in the throe of extreme agony while nailed to two wooden planks. But does the cross of Christianity really stand up to Biblical evidence?

Although a stake called a stauros (the Greek term used in the earliest Bible writings but where English versions incorrectly translate it to "cross") got used to execute criminals, there exists not a shred of evidence that a Biblical stauros describes a cross or even a T-shape. Regardless of whether you believe the cross as mythical or think it comes from the Bible, you will find nothing describing Jesus' execution with outstretched arms or nailed to a cross-like frame. I invite any Christian to look up the word 'cross' wherever it appears in the Bible and check the Greek version and see for yourself.

There occurs no cross in early Christian art before the middle of the 5th century, where it (probably) appears on a coin in a painting. The first clear crucifix appears in the late 7th century. Early Christians usually depicted their religion with a fish symbol (ichthus), dove, or bread of the Eucharist, but never Christ on a cross (or on a stick).

The first known conception of a Christian cross as a physical symbol began with Constantine's supposed 4th century conversion as a Christian. He allegedly had a miraculous vision in the sky of a cross composed of light with the inscription, "By this conquer." The Church father, Eusebius, described that, at night after his vision, Constantine dreamt that God commanded him to make a likeness of the sign to safeguard all engagements with the enemy. At dawn the next day Constantine allegedly told this to his army and ordered the symbol to be made in the form of a golden spear with a transverse bar (some traditions describe it as the Greek letter "X" (chi) with a "P" (rho) through it, the well-known monogram of Jesus). From then on Christian armies carried the cross symbol into battles. Christians who deny this story cannot escape the fact that the story derives from Euesbius's own writings and church fathers after him used this to support the symbol of the cross. Later on, and especially during the crusades, the cross became a permanent part of the uniform of a soldier. Thus the army of Christianity invented the symbol of the cross to symbolize battle (a spear) to represent Jesus and to protect their killers (the army). Christianity has remained a religious and political justification for war and violence ever since.

Any Christian who prays to a cross or wears one goes unwittingly flaunting, not only an unsupported historical assertion, but born as a war symbol from a blood-thirsty Roman ruler who forced orthodox Christianity onto the world.

The Crucifixion = fiction.

So is it possible that the cross was merely added later and that the story of Christ was either created from the start, or perverted later, to depict coded Sun/Son worship?

What about the "crown of thorns"? Could that be sun rays?

We are also told in the Bible we will see the Son coming in the clouds. Well, we may see the...sun...doing this every day! This may give an alternate meaning to other things like 'walking on water' (sun may appear to do so) and 'healing the sick' (we now know the sun's UV rays are vital for Vitamin D for our immune system) too, but that really is speculation.

The Christian Fish - Pisces

A popular Christian symbol is the fish. But perhaps this owes a lot to the astrology/astronomy of the time? We are currently in the age of Pisces, the fish, in terms of the procession of the Equinoxes. (Soon this 'age' will end, by the way, and the age of Aquarius will begin, hence the name of the 'New Age' belief systems.)

Important - see Wikipedia explanation of an 'astrological age'

Some believe that the origin of Christianity relates to the beginning of the astrological age of Pisces, perhaps that what is said to be the lifetime of Jesus was around a similar time to the 'dawning of the age of Pisces'. Although when the age of Pisces actually began is debatable (see the link immediately above). Phew, that's enough for now. To be continued. Have I offended anyone?


Son3 said...
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Son3 said...

Like I've said before, there is no Biblical basis for any symbolism in Christianity, including the cross, fish, etc. No symbols or gestures are promoted or adored in the Bible, and are, in fact, discouraged.

Again, it's the Catholics!

As far as my research takes me, only was a crucifix carried to the place of execution when it was a patibulum, or t-shaped crucifix.

Christ's crucifix was carried to Golgotha behind him by a bystander named Simon, therefore, it was a patibulum.

AdamS said...

You may well be right about the cross thing:


I appreciate that the Bible does not advocate any particular symbolism, but there are those who believe the whole story of Jesus is allegorical, a coded reference to the Sun and astrology. Either that Jesus did not exist, or that the story of Jesus as written in the Bible has been written as a solar allegory...

It's not just about the symbolism, which I agree is not included in the Bible at all, but significant parts of the story of Jesus indicate a) similarities to pre-Christian sun deities like Horus and Mithra, and b) possible astrological allegories.

Wouldn't it make more sense out of things like walking on water, if Jesus was a personification of the sun?

We know how much the MSM lies, and laughs in our face because most of us still do not see their lies, today; and this is the ancient equivalent of the MSM; maybe Rupert Murdoch's ancestors are still laughing at us today?

AdamS said...

Says that Christianity did not start out as one religion but as many:


This is a really huge topic, so I'm not passing judgement on this kind of stuff right now, just taking a look at it.

Son3 said...

What about His purpose on earth? Making a way to permanently forgive all wrongdoing from every individual that accepted His death and resurrection doesn't sound very sun worship-like.

No rituals, no incantations, no gestures, no facing east nor west, no looking at the horizon, nothing.

All sun worship is done with a calendar, as the position of the sun is mathematically calculable and constant. On the other hand, the time of Christ's second coming is specifically unknowable, not the day nor the hour is known even by angels.

AdamS said...

Excellent page here that says Jesus is not a 'copycat saviour':


The idea of a saviour/atoner of sins (through self sacrifice), though, it not necessarily new:


Another little thing is the whole 'three wise men' story. Apparently the Bible doesn't actually give a number of wise men, but if there are three then I have a suggestion, which is that you can see it in the night sky...the stars of Orion's belt pointing to Sirius, which is a bright star indeed. This is another example, however, of post-Bible adaptation and does not necessarily mean the original story is astrological in nature.

Madison Oddfellow said...

About Christianity and the sun; it's a quite simple philosophy actually.......the old religions of aboriginals across the world was one of worshiping the earth. ie. paganism. In order for Christianity to become the tool of exploitation that it is, they had to remove access to the devine by placing it in the unattainable an unreachable sky.

The snake and Satan represents earth, and, God and the Heavens represent something that we can asprire for if we answer to the rich white men who act as middle men to our salvation.

AdamS said...

Very interesting point of view. So they took us from the state of mind that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and turned us into human beings trying to attain a spiritual experience, but only if we play by their rules.

And then atheism goes even further and says we are just human beings full stop, just meat and bones. (Not saying it is *necessarily* incorrect, just that it puts us into an even smaller box)

Although, many Christians do not hold that viewpoint, but it is the one that all the 'mainstream' monotheisms have pushed for centuries.

You have no power

Except if you do what I say,

Then you will be saved

If God says so (but he may torture you in purgatory for a while first, only because He loves you so much)

Son3 said...

False religions say:

1. You have no power

2. Except if you do what I say,

3. Then you will be saved

4. If God says so (but he may torture you in purgatory for a while first, only because He loves you so much)"

God of the Bible says:

1. "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." ~2nd Timothy 2:1

2. "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;" ~ 1st Timothy 2:5

3. "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:"
~Ephesians 2:8

4. "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." ~2nd Peter 3:9

AdamS said...

Yup, exactly. Only through *faith* in the one God we have described, and his chosen mediator Jesus Christ, can you be saved. That's kind of the problem. (read: be damned to Hell for eternity if you don't believe what this book tells you.)

In fact, if Jesus is a personification of the sun, then nobody can be saved! We're all doomed.

Doth not every religion pretty much claim all others to be False? Is that not standard practice simply for self preservation of the religion?

Hehe, I just wrote a little on the First Cause argument right now, I think we agree on that at least.

"What do you mean I don't believe in God, I talk to him everyday" - Dave Mustaine

Gregory Sams said...

Sure, solar worship has been corrupted and hijacked by Christianity.

But the really interesting exercise is to realize the entire pre-Christian world saw the Sun as a conscious being with divine status. It was the Church, not science, that branded such thoughts primitive and ignorant, burning scientists and scholars too.

Looking at the science today, we discover that our local star has seven distinct levels all performing different functions. We know of the heliosphere, the invisible magnetic shield with which the Sun protects its solar system. Is this unconscious matter, or a high-energy life form?

Gregory Sams, author "Sun of gOd"

AdamS said...

Damn. Now I'm gonna have to check out your book, looks interesting :)

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