13 May 2011

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2 May

Today's news is that Osama is dead. Well it's sort of 10 year old news, but there you go. Supposedly one of the very mind controlled special forces shot him in the head, although given the notorious nature of the invading forces' willingness to kill someone then play dress up afterwards, who knows it may have been a woman who they drew a beard on with marker pen. Photo looks 'shopped but what do I know. Then again corpses just like your TV dinner keep very well in the freezer...lol...


Anyway I'm off to get kidney dialysis using only sand and donkey piss while being hunted by all the satellites and spy planes that a trillion dollar military budget can buy, for ten years. Ciao

PS does this mean the war on terror is over now and 'we' can come home and dismantle the police state and not have RFID passports and iris scans and creepy wiretaps anymore? (Comptroller says no)

Friday, 9 July 2010

On "Supporting the Troops" - Lions led by Etonite Mosquitoes

When public support for a war is floundering, here comes the usual government tactic - shielding themselves with the very young volunteers who they send to war.

Just wondering, rhetorically of course - has the Etonian call me Dave ever been shot at? I mean, I haven't, but then it's not me who assumes the official responsibility of ordering other people into harm's way. Lead by example with your slingshot, King David of British Israel! Can you imagine that?!

Cameron calls on national support for troops
TMN News

Next Saturday is Armed Forces Day, when celebrations will be held around the country with the main event being held in Cardiff. Prime Minister Cameron is calling for the country to show its “social responsibility” and give its thanks.

Fresh from his trip to Afghanistan, the Prime Minister said, “These people know all about duty – they’ve lived it. Now we as a country must do our duty by them. Over the past few years there’s been an increasing appreciation of what our Armed Forces do. But still I believe that we should do more.”

He continued, “But supporting our Armed Forces isn’t just a government responsibility – it’s a social responsibility.”

“In the First World War those at home didn’t just sing, ‘Keep the home fires burning’, they practised it.”

“In the Second World War, the military occupied a huge place in the national consciousness, partly because everyone knew someone in uniform.”

“I believe as a country at war we should see the same appreciation today, with the military front and centre of our national life once again.”

Full Article

Etonites (Parasites) - call me Dave is no.2, and of course mad hatter Boris Johnston is no.8.

See, there are many many problems with this simplistic outlook, and nothing disappoints me more than seeing the physical and mental waste of some of the best people in society while other non-enlisted braindead zombies walk around parroting "support the troops".

"If we don't fight them over there, they'll fight us over here" (who? Afghan tribesmen? Or Al-CIAda?)

"They're bringing freedom" (yeah like Karzai the puppet dictator, the coalition-protected poppy trade, and a million dead in Iraq, free dumb indeed)

"They have to finish their mission now they've been there so long" (do they have a mission, first, and second this exact same person would have said before the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq that no-one could predict how it would turn out so we should all shut up and trust the government. Hypocrites!)

And the best one, my personal favourite, full marks for demogogy, hands up if you recognise this one:

"If we leave now then the Islamists will win" (no words can describe...)

This is a classic PR nonsense. Like all the Israel lobbyists always use the term "Hamas" and never use the term "Palestinians" unless they are saying "Palestinians are oppressed by Hamas" (which they are btw, there's a morsel of truth) or "Palestinians don't exist". As in, "we're conducting military operations against Hamas". Liars.

We have done the same! There are no "Iraqis" or "Afghans", well there are but those are the slavish civilians who submit to their colonial occupiers. All those who resist US-British-Israel occupation are of course terrorists, insurgents, Islamists, radicals - no not Iraqi Army veterans with families taking up arms because their country has been bombed, starved and invaded over a decade and a half by UN sanctions, US air power and then coalition tanks, oh no. After all that he picks up a rifle and dares to shoot at his oppressors? Terrorist! Why is he so full of hatred for our free dumb, hmm?

(a thousand words come to mind?)

This is the problem with simply 'supporting the troops' when the orders the troops receive are downright evil. There is nothing that can excuse the sanctions enforced on Iraq which killed half a million children, it is genocide. (although if we believe Madeleine Allbright, it was "worth it"!)

Would I have supported the troops in Nazi Germany or Bolshevik Russia, or what about North Vietnam or North Korea during those artificial UN-caused intra-national wars? Would you?

I would have.

Let me explain.

I have always appreciated and valued the courage and self-sacrifice of the soldier. Yes most are and always have been good people. They're just boys, many younger than myself. You think the average German or Russian in WW2 was concerned by anything more than his own people and his own survival? And his perceived duty to his nation based on the particular line he had received from his national media. And so did British and American troops obediently subjugate Iraq. Brave? Yes. Courageous? Yes. Used? YOU BETCHA.

So where does one stand when the orders troops receive are downright evil, but again despite everything, despite the satanic military hierachy, the majority of them are decent people who essentially, unwittingly, are bodyguards for the most evil people on the planet?

Is not the best form of supporting the troops, in this case, telling them how they are being manipulated? Even if the truth hurts (and it bloody does)?

Trust me, the Islamists aren't going to 'win' (they can't win, just like Hitler could never win no matter how hard he didn't try), because they are a contrived enemy, a bogeyman created to control the masses and reach a predetermined outcome.

If you want to defeat Islamic terrorism, shut down MI6, CIA, the ISI and Mossad. Who knows, you may just find some odd things about who is producing these 'lone nuts' who are just 'radicalised' and are 'waging war on us'.

If you're concerned about Islamification at home, which compared to bigger things (like the prospect of genuine poverty) I'm not that much really but I understand, then bring the troops home, and use them to stop mosque building. LMAO!

Seriously though. All those single-issue Islam-hating sites, because they are Zionist-war-lobby run or Zionist-war-lobby sympathisers, ignore this truth. How can we criticise the Islamification of Europe, when we are in the process of forcibly subjugating several Muslim countries? At the moment we have no credibility.

I would support the troops 100% if they just stuck a big fat middle finger up at these arsehole Oxbridge Tavistock psychopaths, upped sticks and came home of their own accord. Yes, then we'd see who really supports the troops and who is just a chickenhawk traitor.

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