13 May 2011

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2 May

Today's news is that Osama is dead. Well it's sort of 10 year old news, but there you go. Supposedly one of the very mind controlled special forces shot him in the head, although given the notorious nature of the invading forces' willingness to kill someone then play dress up afterwards, who knows it may have been a woman who they drew a beard on with marker pen. Photo looks 'shopped but what do I know. Then again corpses just like your TV dinner keep very well in the freezer...lol...


Anyway I'm off to get kidney dialysis using only sand and donkey piss while being hunted by all the satellites and spy planes that a trillion dollar military budget can buy, for ten years. Ciao

PS does this mean the war on terror is over now and 'we' can come home and dismantle the police state and not have RFID passports and iris scans and creepy wiretaps anymore? (Comptroller says no)

Monday, 27 December 2010

Assange part of an Aussie Kosher-Nazi cult?

The Family Cult's Secrets Exposed

Julian Assange's Ties to Nazi Cult

Julian Assange was born in 1971. His birth parents ran a touring theatre company but his father abandoned them.

When Julian was 8-years-old, his mother, Christine, married a member of "The White Brotherhood" - aka "The Family" or San­ti­nike­tan Park Asso­ci­a­tion, a private psychiatric hospital on the outskirts of Melbourne Australia.

In the 1960's-1980's, the Santiniketan Park Association received CIA-Sandoz LSD-25.

The psychiatric hospital was part of a New Age colony with about 200 members. They were all professionals: psychiatrists, medical doctors - 25% were nurses - lawyers, and ranking civil servants and social workers.

The allegations were that these people used their authority to "collect" (kidnap) children. As many as twenty eight children had been 'collected' under the custody of the director, Anne Hamilton-Byrne, a theosophist. Children were selected for their Aryan traits.

This cult is well documented from the Australian investigations and court proceedings highlighted in the Oz media at the time.

According to Assange, his parents broke with the cult in 1982 and until 1990, they lived 'on the run' moving dozens of times. During this period, Julian was charged with computer hacking by the Australian police. That's all Assange has said about it, claiming that he doesn't remember Hamilton-Byrne or anything about the cult.

Cult members have disclosed the children were collected for a "scientific experiment". Though Hamilton-Byrne (left, insert) remained silent, members disclosed that Hamilton-Byrne predicted a global holocaust which wipe out most of humanity. She was preparing the cult children to be "inheritors of the earth".

According to Hamilton-Byrne's real daughter Sarah Moore the children hadn't been told about that. What they were told was that Anne Hamilton-Byrne was their birth mother, even though their number and ages made that impossible. The were told all other members of the cult were their 'uncles or aunties' - even though some of these were the real birth parents of a few of them.

The "Family" was related to the Nazi "Lebensborn e. V." organization founded in December, 1935 as a "registered association" ostensibly to foster population increase in 'declining' 'pure Aryan' stock in Europe.

Lebensborn e. V was under the authority of the SS "race and settlement bureau". Lebensborn is best remembered as a breeding program for SS 'studs' with select Aryan female volunteers. The project included social workers of the settlement bureau screening schools and hospitals in Germany and occupied Europe looking for infants and children that fit the Nazi eugenics profile of traits.

Thousands of such children were 'drafted' into the program - kidnapped - and sent to to remote hospital/academy locations for mind control programming. There were over 30 of these facilities throughout Europe, which processed as many as 30,000 new births.

However, many more older children taken from other countries were sent to special facilities for "Aryanisation" re-programming. The best source of information is the record of the 8th Nuremberg Trial, United States of America v. Ulrich Greifelt, et al., or the RuSHA Trial.

The infamous Dr. Josef Mengele is generally remembered for lethal 'experiments' on children at Auschwitz . It's often overlooked that the purpose of his butchery was the scientific improvement of pre-existing methods of Illuminati trauma based mind programming of children, and his techniques were instituted in Lebensborn "Aryanisation'" facilities.

Mengele was an architect of MK-ULTRA. Mengele was protected by Office of Strategic Services (OSS) 'Operation Paperclip' and went to work for the CIA's top secret MK-ULTRA projects. .

Hamiliton-Byrne's White Brotherhood operation apparently was a continuation of Lebensborn. Hamilton-Byrne's obsession with white-blonde uniformity to the point of blearching the children's hair and identical styles and dress is a bit too close to Lebensborn to dismiss...


Full Article

This is a very strange story. On the one hand we have Assange being raised in a Nazi cult, and on the other we have him essentially censoring his leaks to protect the Israelis. Hahahaha maybe those things aren't such polar opposites as most might think. Many of the Nazis were ashke-nazis. (I don't claim to be an expert on this kind of thing, but for what it's worth, I'd say Assange looks like a hebrew more than a scandinavian.) Ironic also that many Nazis obsessed with supposed racial purity were of jooish descent, including the big Herr himself.

Speaking of which, one of Rense's anglo-kosher-nazi boys is trying it on again (a-sxn surname).

The Nazis were scum. Oh they killed a lot. Not to any well known sacred holy undeniable figures, but still, a lot. Shot them just like the kulaks on the other side of ze ostfront. Don't be a Nazi. Don't defend the Nazis. Nazism is kind of a false flag, or a smear, against white people. There is a reason all the history channels run stuff about the Nazis 24/7 and rarely if ever discuss the Bolsheviks, and if they do they will never tell you that the leading Bolsheviks were more or less all chosenites carrying out the AAA Brith'ish Empire's NWO gameplan.

Assange is running free while Bradley Manning is going to rot in prison for the rest of his (likely, limited) days. Why? Because he is useful, and the deceived army do-gooder is not.

Net Censorship.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

AdamS the thought that UKplc is just one large petri dish applies to Aus in spades. To machine gun to death thousands on the Anatolian coast and then leave them to dry in 1939 speaks volumes.

That island is like ours. Viewed by TPTB as a controlled experiment.

No one has ever asked what happens when the lab rats are running the lab?

AdamS said...

Hmm. Germany should have invaded here in ww2, and Japan could well have invaded Oz too. Wouldn't want to suggest war is a ceremony now though would we?

When the lab rats run the lab, they give out free cheese for everyone, until it runs out and all starve...

Anonymous said...

Actually the HB Family wasn't a Nazi cult.The kids were supposed to be raised in a kibbutz type commune, and if you read Sarahs' book, were also taught to respect and revere an Indian guru, Swami Muktananda.
if you google Swami Muktananda Sarah Hamilton Byrne, the first picture that comes up in google images is Sarah and one of the other HB children with Swami Muktananda.
The boy in the picture is not Julian Assange.The boy in the picture was raised as Anne Hamilton Brynes son, (unlike Julain Assange who has apparently always been with his own mother) and was considered to be one of three "triplets".Later, the young boy in the picture went to private school in England, and changed his hair color to brunette. You can find a picture of him as an older teenager together with Sarah in her book.
Julian Assange was never raised by Anne hamilton Byrne,and never met the Up Top children.
By the way , the kids Up Top included a boy with autism/or aspergers,and one other child who was mildly developmentally challenged. There was also a child who was raised separately in England who had Downs Syndrome. ( i beleive that child, now an adult, currently lives in a group home for adults with Downs Syndrome.)
After the remaining few children were taken away in the police raid on Up Top (in 1987, i think) those who still had blond hair had it redyed and cut.
If you look in one of the larger group pictures, you will find a couple of brunettes and red heads. The kids who got their hair dyed were those who were slightly blond, done so as to make them look more blond,and more like natural siblings, with one exception,a girl who had tight curled dark hair, whose hair was also dyed blond to make it look more caucasian. If you check on google, you can find one of the larger group photos. Some kids did live up top for a period of years who were "fosters" or considered to have different parents from Anne and Bill. Fosters never had their hair dyed. Julians' life with his mother, as described in his interviews, seems to have been very different than communal life was as an HB kid or foster.
It seems like Julain was raised with a great deal of freedom and individuality, with a lot of changes and moves; a very different upbringing from the HB family kids.

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