13 May 2011

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2 May

Today's news is that Osama is dead. Well it's sort of 10 year old news, but there you go. Supposedly one of the very mind controlled special forces shot him in the head, although given the notorious nature of the invading forces' willingness to kill someone then play dress up afterwards, who knows it may have been a woman who they drew a beard on with marker pen. Photo looks 'shopped but what do I know. Then again corpses just like your TV dinner keep very well in the freezer...lol...


Anyway I'm off to get kidney dialysis using only sand and donkey piss while being hunted by all the satellites and spy planes that a trillion dollar military budget can buy, for ten years. Ciao

PS does this mean the war on terror is over now and 'we' can come home and dismantle the police state and not have RFID passports and iris scans and creepy wiretaps anymore? (Comptroller says no)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ahmadinejad and 9/11 Again

You know, it's kind of like Pinnochio squealing, "I'm a real boy!"

This time his lackey (or not?) goes one better and says Mossad was involved, which is blatantly true but nonetheless...

No you aren't a real boy Mahmoud. You seem to be a provocateur. Why all of a sudden come out now and speak closer to the truth about 9/11? It's been nine years, and you certainly are not bothered about taboos, since you have your Holocaust Revision conferences.

I am not fooled by the Muslims who want us to believe that the Zionist entity is the only obstacle to peace, and that Muslims are just lovely angels who need a hug.

I am not a Muslim hugger.

However, the Ayranian people seem to be generally alright and so it is a shame to see them suffer under Crypto Ahmadinejad and the brutal Abrahamic tyranny of Islam.

Yet at the same time the only thing worse than Mahmoud, is the other guy who the CIA's "Green Movement" wanted to put in place, the Shah 2.0 you could call him.

See, this is how hard it is to unpick all the lies due to the Hegelian mindfuck that we live under.

So why, Mahmoud, and why now, start talking about 9/11?

Do you want us to believe you are truly anti NWO and not just Hitler type controlled opposition intended to lead us into WW3 initially between Iran/Israel?

Not buying it.

Talk about the square mile and I'll be compelled to believe you however.

Fight the Rothschilds like Hitler didn't have the balls* to.


The one good thing about Islamic law is it forbids usury, but even that means nothing when there are Iranian people to exploit. Right Mahmoud? I mean at least Hitler printed his own debt free money, like Lincoln did, which does not undo their other great crimes but at least leaves one good thing that can be said wrt them. Can't say the same for Ahmadinejad. Although he hasn't started a war like Lincoln or Hitler. Yet.

At least the Iranians' Press TV does tell us more of the truth than Al Jizzear which is even more into that pro-Muslim-lefty vein of thought, which I believe is cultivated to encourage Europeans to welcome their new old Muzzie overlords, bloody grey squirrels have been pushing back Europe for centuries. Not that I do not support the movement for freeing Palestine, because I do, but at the same time let Jews have Israel (1967 borders), and recompensate Palestinians who lost land in the forming of Israel, bring all our troops out of the ME, and let Muslims have Arabia, not Europe!

* sorry I couldn't resist. lol


Anonymous said...

I read on this website things to see if
trash or absolute truth.

Anonymous said...

watch carefully because many Greek sites reproduced themes from this blog deleted
Here trying to put a thought that China and the Jews are behind everything that is happening today and that the fight is primal and universal.

AdamS said...

Thanks for your advice and the link, yes that is an unusual and interesting site.

opit said...


Those are Opit's LinkFest! I've been newsblogging long enough to have online friends in the 911 Truthers, etc. The thing about Ahmadinejad is that he doesn't speak our language and everything you 'know' about him is from a disinformation campaign designed to paint him a hateful circus clown.
The man doesn't know when to STFU, I'll say that...but why should he? He knows everything that comes out of his mouth is a target for ridicule and misrepresentation.
The recent speech at the UN is typical : 'technical problems' made translation unavailable. LOL! Now that's fear of what the man is saying! 27 nations walked out....163 stayed.
I think it was Press TV that had the translation posted.
I've got so much intel on Iran I don't know where to start. Notable posts at Opera and reposted to Blogger both include what has become somewhat of an obsession for me. Dec 20 Afghanistan,etc. on Blogger lays out a disinformation scam that nobody will believe....but it's been going on for decades.
Foreign Policy is another good cache. Perception Alteration should make you smile. I've been an Orwell fan since a teenager...which is not at all recently.

There have been Black Ops killing Iranians for years on a publicly known budget ! No wonder their security acts harshly. It's a place where they got out from under the US puppet to constant harassment since.

Somewhere in my mess is Quotations by Ahmadinejad...a somewhat less perverted translation by a Canadian. And do look up CASMII. Rick B at Tenpercent put me on to them. Both are in RSS SnapShot! when I record feed results.

That Peter Jennings' 'Holocaust' interview on YouTube is a real piece of work. A. is led so hard you'd swear that he does say what he's accused of.....while instead he quietly 'makes his case' that Israel mocks the Holocaust by perpetrating one on Palestine. And also...any historical event is worthy of study and examination of records. That simple bit of scholastic honesty is his 'denierism.'
I use that phrase because it comes up in the Global Warming Scam.
Don't go nuts on me. Dec 4 starts it off and Climate in Contention is the file in the sidebar.I have reasons.

Who is a CIA plant ? It's been suggested pretty near the top....in the religious side where real power resides.

AdamS said...

Don't worry Opit, I'm not fooled by the Big Bad Ahmad media campaign. But then not too many people out here on the web are. Oh no...we've got thousands of nukes...and he might be building ONE!!!

"And also...any historical event is worthy of study and examination of records."

Damn right it is, I was not criticising Iran for holding Holocaust Revision conferences! I know the difference between a gas chamber and an air raid shelter. All I was saying was that Mahmoud isn't shy about dealing with taboo topics so it's a mystery why he has been so quiet on 9/11 for so long.

Now, I am quite well aware that al-CIAda Jundullah has been bombing the feck out of Iran for years, absolutely criminal, just more to add to the NWO body count.

What I am specifically saying about Ahmadinejad here (I am not criticising Iran in general), is that it is likely due to his tribe membership, and where he points the finger, that he is a London provocateur. Like Dr. Duke.

opit said...

Ahmadinejad as Agent Provocateur.
Well, of course he is. I was interested in how he became that. Since he is presented as 'The face of Iran', wearing a clown mask perverted by artifical Political Correctness as The Joker, the question is 'Who is Ahmadinejad' ? The answer is - who knows ? The mask pulled over the man by mistranslation, misconstruing, and reporting as if he was a media personality is not something 'Done in Iran' now, is it ?
But it did make it look as if the 'Green evolution' was an important event...rather than selection of a sham ruler and figurehead in the style of the United States...while having the real power of a Constitutional Monarch. To Westerners that is : Iranians just think we're ignorant gullible fools.
That's what the Presidency of the U.S. is supposed to be.

As for Hitler not rebelling...don't you think his 'Jew Hating' was rebellion against the NWO and the financiers - like Prescott Bush - who 'played both sides of the fence?' I haven't chased down the 'Zi' part of Nazi being from links to Zionism - but there is an awful mishmash of religious mindfuck there which the Bushes would be completely at home in.
The C.I.A. used conversion as a tool to pacify tribes all through Central and South America in J.A.R.S. flights delivering Wycliff Bibles for instance. I knew one of those missionary pilots : completely immersed in the virtue of bringing 'the Word of God' to the heathen.
It is a tenet of a successful sales program that you 'sell the salesman'...who then passes on his convictions...which are not necessarily based on what one would call dispassionate analysis !

In the U.S. everyone escaped prosecution for War Crimes and many SS emigrated to become active in government services postwar.
Bush/Cheney we know about. No Impeachment for them. Of course, most don't don't about the torture chamber in the White House and the guests invited to review the process...and I'm guessing here...receiving advice that strongly suggested free samples were available for all and sundry who thought they could 'make waves.'

That's why I call the U.S.'The Fourth Reich...and expect I should be more correct using a number lower than 3.

AdamS said...

If Hitler really hated Jew Bankers so much he would have invaded Britain in 1941, not Russia, and taken out Rothschild's Castle.

All in all, frankly, the Germans should have won WW2, but for the Nazis being probable Crown agents. I'm not necessarily saying that would have made the world better than what we got post WW2, some people do think that but I figure since they were also 'bad guys' I doubt the outcome would have been much different.

Of course some horrible things were done to ordinary Jews during WW2 (to force herd them towards Palestine, mostly) but as a number it is small compared to the atrocities committed against Germans towards and after the end of the war, especially the mass starvation of captured German troops when there was no shortage of food.

Also a lot of the Nazis were Jews, many of the supposedly 'racially pure' SS were Jews even. It makes me laugh a little really, Ashke-nazi, they must think we're very stupid.

Now I have come across this before, and it's just a coincidence you may say, but apparently Jews in Germany during 1920s-early30s were heavily integrating into German society (my source for that is Niall Ferguson. He left that dot unjoined with any others though.) Integration is perhaps the biggest fear of the Jewish establishment (even today), part of the danger of going all around the world...trading. So it would make sense to halt the integration by creating a large Jew-hating political movement, and polarising people out of this tension, to make sure Jewish people did not integrate and did not intermarry with Germans as they apparently were doing so at a very high rate.

CIA was created by MI6. You aren't the 4th reich, the EU is as it completes what the Nasties never could do. IMHO. But then we can't discount the New British Chinese Empire can we?


"During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), a Ming emperor conferred seven surnames upon the Jews, by which they are identifiable today: Ai, Shi, Gao, Jin, Li, Zhang, and Zhao"

Names to watch.

AdamS said...

Oh, also, the Nazis had a very low opinion of Slavs for some reason. Which kind of blows apart the whole "we're doing this for white people" thing that most people think the Nazis were about. Mostly that was just propaganda to get the Germans to support them. It also reflects Hitler's desire to expand East and crush the Slavs. Yeah, to "uphold white supremacy" as many people say the Nazis were doing! lol!

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I'm Already Against The Next War
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