13 May 2011

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2 May

Today's news is that Osama is dead. Well it's sort of 10 year old news, but there you go. Supposedly one of the very mind controlled special forces shot him in the head, although given the notorious nature of the invading forces' willingness to kill someone then play dress up afterwards, who knows it may have been a woman who they drew a beard on with marker pen. Photo looks 'shopped but what do I know. Then again corpses just like your TV dinner keep very well in the freezer...lol...


Anyway I'm off to get kidney dialysis using only sand and donkey piss while being hunted by all the satellites and spy planes that a trillion dollar military budget can buy, for ten years. Ciao

PS does this mean the war on terror is over now and 'we' can come home and dismantle the police state and not have RFID passports and iris scans and creepy wiretaps anymore? (Comptroller says no)

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Why I cannot and do not support Glenn Beck

Note: this is not related to the recent controversy over advertising. I advocate for his free speech as much as anyone else's, but he is an establishment shill nonetheless.

Video exposes Glenn Beck as a neocon, not a libertarian. Watch out for the false right gatekeepers, doing the same job as people like Keith Olbermann did for the last 8 years. Beck's job is twofold: keep disgruntled/skeptical viewers watching Fox by going further than most of his peers - and pretend to be anti-NWO, but to do so in a silly manner that makes TV watchers of all persuasions think being anti-NWO is crazy. Complex propaganda by the same people that sold you 'pre-emptive war', 'too big to fail' and 'central bank independence'.


Teresa said...

I will have to further look into the authenticity of this video and whether this video is actually presenting factual content, or whether Beck's statements were altered or taken out of context in any way. Glenn Beck is a constitutionalist and believes in the foundation of of this country like our founding fathers did. He is less pro- Republican and partisan than either Limbaugh, or Hannity. This may be the left distorting the facts and you buying it.

AdamS said...

Okay, but you may be interested in this clip from a while back for context:

Ron Paul = Terrorism?

I want nothing to do with the left-right paradigm personally. Played on by TV networks owned by a handful of corporations with conflicting interests.

Violence abroad = conservative;
violence at home = liberal;
violence everywhere = moderate;
but for some reason violence nowhere = extremist.

Son3 said...

I've been a frequent of Beck's radio and television programming, and have personally witnessed his backstabbing of Ron Paul supporters, civil libertarians, Constitutionalists, and those people who care enough about current events to be called "conspiracy theorists".

He defames them, then he joins them, then he laughs at them, then he sides with them, then he ridicules them, then he agrees with them, then he "debunks" them, then he defends them.

Though I was a major fan of his for many years, I can no longer stand him.

Son3 said...

(That is, I've been a frequent audience member of his programs, not a guest of his shows or anything.)


AdamS said...

Haha, I get you Son. lol

Teresa said...

You might want to take a look at this clip. It shows Glenn Beck only criticizing the prospect of violence. Beck says most of Ron Paul supporters take the metaphor of the "money bomb" with regards to Guy Fox the way that it was actually intended. He does not call them terrorists!!

But, you also have to remember a lot of his snarky remarks that you may be viewing as truth, Beck's just being KOOKY and joking around. Have you heard of his 9/12 project? That has had a great effect on and pretty much started the tea parties? and the 9/12 march coming up in D.C. that is happening this saturday.

Teresa said...

That is the same video that I linked and Glenn Beck did not refer to Ron Paul supporters as terrorists. So, I don't understand how you could make such a leap and conclude this, when he didn't say Ron Paul supporters are terrorists. And, You said
"Violence abroad = conservative;
violence at home = liberal;
violence everywhere = moderate;
but for some reason violence nowhere = extremist"
Since Glenn Beck was clearly talking about the fringe groups in our society I am not sure how you came up with this far reaching analysis?

"I want nothing to do with the left-right paradigm personally."
Beck did say this, but what's wrong with wanting to get past partisan politics? That is what he is trying to do. Shouldn't we all just be for America? Or no?

AdamS said...

Fair enough. I endorse the tea parties insofar as they continue in the spirit they were started, which was back in 06/07 as gatherings of Ron Paulites, and anti-war/anti-Federal Reserve as well as anti-socialism.

My concern is that there are some conservatives who, sorry to say it, are just mad that "their" big government candidate didn't win this time. I know this kind because they're just like the fake-antiwar liberals that are now proving to be just as bloodthirsty as those they spent eight years attacking.

Beck is in my opinion the cruellest hoax of all the fake media heads, because he poses as being pro-liberty then acts, as you say, all kooky. There's a reason for that, it feeds into both the left and right:

- Left wingers can easily criticise Beck because he does say some silly stuff. By making opposition to Obama seem kooky, he strengthens Obama, deliberately or accidentally.

- Right wingers support Beck because he's being attacked by the left. But by rallying around Beck, they unwittingly feed into the false leftwing belief that everyone who opposes Obama is kooky like Beck. This further strengthens Obama.

Beck says enough good stuff to draw people in, then backstabs them as Son3 said by acting silly to discredit his own message, and by extension the message of his viewership. Thus I believe him to be in some ways a greater obstruction to liberty than anything MSNBC can cook up on their own.

Am I pro-America? Hell yes, pro-Jefferson's America. Pro-Washington's America. Beck isn't helping the restoration of this America, in my opinion.

Teresa said...

Well, I understand what you're saying about voters being mad just because their candidate lost. I voted for McCain 1) Because of Sarah Palin 2) I agreed with most of his political positions (not big govt.) and3)because I didn't want Obama to win because i understood just how radical he a person he is. McCain was NOT my first choice.

WEll, I think KOOKY is just his style. Is it possible some of the time what some people may refer to him as making fun or backstabbing some person, that in fact he is just acting KOOKY in a funny kind of way? I listen to him occasionally, and that's the way I take him being KOOKY.

Also, regardless of him acting KOOKY, or not he would be branded a left wing target because he promotes free-market capitalism and is very good at uncovering scandals or controversy among the Obama administration. One example would be The Van Jones controversy. Van Jones would not have resigned if Beck hadn't uncovered radical things in his past.

Beck even promotes two books Called the Real George Washington, and The Real Thomas Jefferson. I believe that Beck is very much for Liberty.

BTW- Even though we disagree, I'd love it if you'd visit my blog.

AdamS said...

I don't watch TV news anymore; it's just propaganda. :)

I get all my info from the web, just 'cause it's easier to factcheck and correlate sources. And the web isn't controlled by a handful of wealthy interests.

AdamS said...

Will visit your site Teresa :)

Jason Martin said...

"Am I pro-America? Hell yes, pro-Jefferson's America. Pro-Washington's America. Beck isn't helping the restoration of this America, in my opinion."

What are YOU doing my friend? How have you helped the cause? Beck has helped this country, he has alerted many to the truth that would normally not have seen it. The republicans. Democrats have little hope, but the Republicans might. First things first, leave the republican party, its a lost cause and a part of the socialist/communist conspiracy.

What do YOU do? a blog with 12 comments doesn't really count.

AdamS said...

I understand what you're saying Jason, which is exactly why I don't normally warn against someone like that.

I'm wondering where you got it from that I am supposedly a 'Republican'. I hate those damn Nazis even more than the Democrats. Y'know, except the Ron Paul republicans. :)

What have I done? Not a great deal. I don't claim to have. But Beck isn't up there on Satan himself Rupert Murdoch's TV network to 'save' anyone. He's there to co-opt and steer the movement against tyranny and make it all about the Democrats, so you will go and vote for some neocon in 2010/12 and get even bigger government.

But go ahead, listen to Beck, even as he stabs Ron Paul in the back, vote for the neocon Schwarzenegger or the neocon Rick Perry or whoever the party of the Reich wing puts forth next time, that way you can go broke bombing Pakistan and paying more taxes instead of going broke paying more taxes and bombing Pakistan as you are now... what difference does it make.

The fact is that you have a two headed one party system that is beholden to probably three things: the Military Industrialists, the Israel lobby, and the private bankers in charge of the issuance of currency. And these things own the media too. Special interests pay Beck's multi million salary. Who do you think writes what Beck reads off the teleprompter?

Beck, as you see in the video, sold out when Ron Paul had a chance of winning the election. He sold out when it came to the bailouts. In fact, that's the point - he draws you in to betray you at the vital moments. Which makes him not a 'contributor' to liberty, but a betrayer of liberty who must be exposed.

And the last straw was when Beck claimed that nutjob Holocaust Museum shooter was a hero in the 9/11 truth movement. Sorry, can't be an apologist for someone who puts out such black propaganda.

Jason Martin said...

I can appreciate where you are coming from adam, but tend to disagree. I have listened to Beck for years, he has had 3 stages. 1st stage was an attempt to help, he got pulled in to Hagelian Dialectics, which is the two headed one party system that you had mentioned. He was as divisive as Obama (okay, thats not true, but he was slightly better than Hannity at best). He was playing the wrong side of the fence, I stopped listening cause I lost all respect for him. He has turned around, he has helped Ron Paul wake this country up. He did stab paul in the back, I agree. I also believe that was before his 'awakening'. After that he has done one act that can never be forgotten. He promoted the book "The Five Thousand Year Leap". This book should be in the hands of every American, it outlines the 28 principles of freedom. Beck second handedly taught the principles of freedom and brought the message to hundreds of thousands with that book! more copies have sold because of him then the original author (which original author is one of the most patriotic americans the world has seen!) Whatever else Glenn Beck has done, he has promoted a book that will start the fire whether he intended to or not.

I fear that Ron Paul supporters are JUST that. Ron Paul supporters, I've written an article on the folly of the Ron Paul movement.

The brilliance of Ron Paul is his approach. He doesn't lift himself up as the answer. He goes to principles, he merely teaches the principles of freedom, and people FLOCK to him! but they hold HIM in such high regard that I fear some of the principles are ignored.

That's off subject though. I'm semi glad to hear about your sentiments towards the repub party, and I must admit I chuckled about the Reich wing. I view republicans as socialists, and democrats as communists... dems are just a few steps ahead of the Reds.

I personally think that both parties are simply beholden to one thing. International bankers... or specifically the house of Rothschild. I think the other two mentioned fall under the same category.

You say you haven't done much, well my friend, start. I don't know you, you don't know me, but you seem to know the principles of freedom, and you have logic. We disagree on Glenn Beck. Start a Constitution Class, do what Ron Paul does, teach the principles of freedom, do nothing else, and people will come, people will listen, and the country can be saved.

America wasn't defeated by the strongest army on Earth at the time, the Israelites weren't destroyed by the Egyptians. This Godless conspiracy today will not prevail.

Sorry to rant.

I still think Beck is a good guy =]

AdamS said...

Nice to hear from someone who is the real deal. :)

House of Rothschild, indeed! The enemies of humanity.

Freedom and prosperity thrive on a base of sound money.

Stop the criminal oligarchs by ending debt slavery.

I think most people who support Ron Paul do so because of the principles...he's hardly a pop culture figure!

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